25 Most Profitable Small Business Ideas in Malawi

Are you searching for lucrative small business ideas in Malawi? Are you considering starting a business in Malawi but simply lack ideas on what business to start?

With so many business ideas and investment opportunities in Malawi, it may be difficult to choose which are worth pursuing. While following a new trend may be hazardous at times, it can also be very lucrative.

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Do you live in Malawi and are you trying to quit your current job for business? Are you dissatisfied with your current business and looking for something better?

There are millions of people out there that are or have once been in this stage that you are in. However, we must point out the fact that it is a very crucial stage; one in which you have to make decisions carefully to avoid making decisions that you may regret eventually.

Malawi is a land of great opportunities, especially for those who are willing to take the plunge.

But despite the country’s rapidly growing economy, employment opportunities are still limited for a native, which has pressed Malawians to create employment opportunities of their own.

If you reside in the capital Lilongwe, the commercial city of Blantyre, Zomba, Limbe, or the ever-expanding Mzuzu city and you want to start your own business, select one of the following business ideas and investment opportunities will be very beneficial.

Most Profitable Small Business Ideas in Malawi

1. Start A Profitable Blog

If you can write or have the capacity to learn how to write, start a blog. Blogging is a good way to make money online in Malawi. All you need is internet access, good research skill, an interest, a laptop, and a lot of time.

Your most important and perhaps expensive investment in a blogging career is your time.

Also, since you would want people to find your blog posts without manually promoting them all the time, you would need to learn how to optimize your posts for search engines like Google or hire the services of an SEO Expert in Malawi.

2. Small Scale Tea Production

Malawi’s tea estate industry has continued to invest in production methods to shift toward higher-quality tea and diversify the estates’ operations.

Malawi Tea 2020 is supported by companies from all stages of the tea value chain. All of the producers involved are members of Malawi’s Tea Association (TAML).

The effort has the backing of Malawi’s largest tea customers, including merchants, packers, and retailers, as well as the sector’s top development groups, certification programs, civil society actors, and trade unions.

The deal has been approved by Malawi’s government. As a result, this is the main profession of the people there, and there are many opportunities for entrepreneurs to invest in it.

3. Open A Restaurant

For decades, the restaurant industry has been a source of millionaires in Malawi.

There will always be a demand for restaurants. You may take advantage of this chance and start your own restaurant business in Malawi right now.

Restaurants are one of the most profitable businesses to start in Malawi and many other parts of the world.

This is primarily due to the insatiable global need for food, which not only makes it a very successful business for construction entrepreneurs, but also one of the best recession-proof business ideas to investigate.

4. Open A Car Wash

This is now one of the most popular business ideas in Malawi. You don’t need much to start a cash wash; all you need is a location with a water supply. People in Malawi prefer to hire someone to wash their vehicles rather than do it themselves.

Depending on where you are, you can clean 100 vehicles each day if you charge 1,800 kwacha per car. That equates to 180,000 each day.

With a devoted team, you might make approximately 500,000 Kwacha each month. Get out of the notion that car washing is only for the poor and ignorant in society; people are making millions from it.

5. Start a Cement Business

Cement products are tightly linked to the building sector, and they are critical components of Malawi’s socio-economic development plan. Malawi’s cement and related goods market is small by global and regional standards, but demand for cement products is expected to increase.

Over the past five years, Malawi’s cement industry has attracted billions of kwachas in investment, including facility upgrades, training and development, and a plant to provide clinker locally to manufacturers.

This is a profitable business that will undoubtedly offer you many possibilities. Because infrastructure is constantly being built, there is a strong need for cement in this area.

6. Become An Uberpreneur

Owning an Uber is one of the most profitable enterprises in Malawi. A highly successful business may set off with as little as 25,000 Kwacha to 40,000 Kwacha

The allure of Uber is that the rewards are rapid and astonishingly high. If you finance your uber cabs with a loan, you may quickly pay it off in a matter of months.

The sole disadvantage of this business is that it has a high beginning cost and requires highly trustworthy drivers, which is tough to find in Malawi.

7. Become A POS (Point Of Sale) Agent

One of the businesses to watch out for in the next year is the Point of Sale (POS) industry. Essentially, POS agents assist in reducing the number of people crammed into banking halls.

Most retail establishments now accept payment for products and services using POS machines.

It provides you with real-time online access to funds and information in your bank account via debit or cash cards as a cardholder.

Being a POS Agent in 2021 will be highly profitable since it keeps society going in our fast-paced environment. Businesses that can keep up with the pace will thrive.

8. Disinfectant Business

Disinfectants are antimicrobials that are used to kill harmful bacteria, germs, and other microorganisms that are present on different surfaces.

They are often used to clean floors, restrooms, tiles, furniture, and instruments. Chemical disinfectants are classified into three types depending on how they operate.

The rapid increase in environmental and personal hygiene awareness has had a major effect on the surface disinfectant industry’s expansion.

9. Dry Cleaning Service

Because of the huge demand, this business is one of the fastest-growing in Malawi, and many individuals have already done well with it.

One of the main reasons it is such a profitable business is that not everyone has time to wash their clothing – they are too preoccupied with work and other obligations, so they rely on dry cleaning services to do it for them.

That is why you may wish to start this business and assist others to clean their clothes for a fee. You’ll need to gather your tools and get to work.

10. Business Of Recharging Sim Cards

Recently, this has been a breakthrough business in Malawi, since so many people are often contacting someone on the phone, and in order to have the best experience, they need to recharge their phone on a regular basis.

There is no one in Malawi who does not own a phone and does not make phone calls. These are the primary reasons for the enormous success of the recharge card industry.

You may start printing them at home as soon as you bargain with the vendors, purchase basic equipment, and install the necessary software.

You will have to read about how this business operates, but we promise you that it is not difficult.

11. Biofertilizer Business

The global biofertilizer industry is presently expanding due to farmers’ increasing use of efficient soil nutrient management methods such as biofertilizer applications.

Chemical fertilizers are preferred over biofertilizers because they are less expensive, less harmful to the environment, and guarantee long-term agricultural production.

The industry is promising since the government has made many efforts to develop it. This has made it easier for more businesses to invest in it.

12. Production Of Liquid Soap

The market for liquid soap in Malawi is so vast that well-known brands are unable to keep up with demand.

This commodity is required by every home in the nation. As a result, there will always be a demand for it. You just have to be the one to provide.

Look around you for handmade liquid soaps with no branding, packed in discarded plastic bottles and sold for between MK2,000 and MK10,000. This is one of the most important investment possibilities in Malawi right now.

You may earn a lot of money selling liquid soap to supermarkets and other stores that sell to end consumers, restaurants, bakeries, caterers, and housekeepers.

You may need to get some training, which is offered through vocational centers operated by churches, the government, and non-governmental groups. Create a big market via branding and high-quality packaging, and you’ll be smiling at the bank.

13. Event Planning And Management

Malawi’s expanding economy has a high need for event management services. You may start your event management services by managing various business and social events.

Event management will need you to pay close attention to every element of an event, from the location to the guest list to the décor and cuisine offered.

More clients will come your way after you complete a few successful tasks. The fees charged by the event management business are extremely expensive.

14. Start a Tourism And Hospitality Agency

Tourism and hospitality are two of the best business opportunities in Malawi.

Liwonde National Park, Blantyre, Kasungu National Park, Lake Malawi National Park, and many more locations have become popular tourist destinations throughout the globe.

As you would imagine, there are many opportunities in this area, such as hotel services, camping equipment rental, transportation, resorts, and so on.

There is also the possibility of international investors collaborating with Malawi governments — for example, to develop interior rivers or national parks.

The barriers to entry in this business area are minimal, and it needs little money.

15. Open A Football Watching Center

You may start your own football viewing center right now and make a lot of money.

Have you ever considered turning your passion for football into a career? If so, you’ll find a large group of fans eager to assist you.

The opportunity to generate money from men and women who are enthusiastic about football is only a step away. And the step is on flat ground.

This is one of Malawi’s most profitable small businesses.

16. Start A Brick Manufacturing Business

You don’t think bricks won’t be needed more than ever with the real estate business developing so quickly, do you? Brick molding is simple and quick.

For many property owners, bricks are a cost-effective building material. However, bricks will perform just as well as more durable stone.

Making bricks does not need a large investment of money or resources. All you may need is the proper subsoil, as well as equipment like spades, hoes, and competent labor.

17. Open A Mobile Phone And Accessory Store

Another fast-moving business to start in Malawi is the mobile phone business. You may start by selling high-quality cell phones and phone accessories.

You may collaborate with businesses that provide high-quality mobile phones; names such as Apple, Infinix, Samsung, and Tecno are phone makers where you can buy their products and resell them in local marketplaces for a profit.

18. Start A Fish Farming Business

Everybody enjoys eating fish. Many Malawians love eating high-quality fish as part of their meals. Fish farming may appear to require a lot of energy to operate, yet the reverse is true.

You may start your business with just a small land and a pond and a little money in your savings.

Consider a decent site for your farm as well as a reliable source of water. Your fingerlings should be in good health as well.

Before making any purchases, decide on the sort of fish you want to maintain. Tilapia fish is an excellent choice for beginners.

19. Bakery Shop

It is not essential to be a great chef if you want to start your bakery, but having some understanding of it would be helpful.

The most important aspect is locating a location for your bakery since you will need it to attract clients and be visible.

Your business may start modestly at first, but as it becomes successful, you will be able to recruit more employees.

Also, keep in mind that the most successful bakeries have a unique selling point, such as a product for which only they have the recipe and no one else has.

When you start your bakery business, be innovative, and one day you will reap the benefits in the form of income.

20. Staffing Agency

Malawi has a high incidence of unemployment, and many individuals are desperately looking for work. You can work as a recruiting agent, connecting people to the employment of their dreams. All you have to do is work with different firms to find people to work for them.

As you make more and more money, your recruitment agency can grow and expand. To be successful, you must be skilled at identifying the proper individuals for certain positions.

21. Start A Uniform Sewing Business

If sewing clothing is your interest and you don’t mind doing it for a career, this is the business for you. Every state has a large number of schools, and all of them require uniforms for their students.

Furthermore, there are many business companies whose employees, such as security personnel, wear uniforms. Not only that, but the many military groups need to wear uniforms, and because they have a large number of individuals participating in their activities, they are always in need of new ones.

As a result, you may volunteer to sew uniforms for people and organizations in need. You may market yourself as a uniform provider and make a lot of money from this business.

22. Become a Sports Betting Agent

Are you wondering how to earn money in Malawi? Consider sports betting. In Malawi, this has become a goldmine business as young and old take advantage of their passion for football to earn money while playing the round leather game.

This also explains why there is an increase in sports betting businesses (bookmakers). Sports betting firms need agents to interact directly with athletes. A clean atmosphere for office space (a shop would do), a generator, a computer, a printer, an internet connection, and a fixtures board are all required.

Following that, you get into an agency arrangement with your bookmaker. Some businesses pay you to play a board game, play a virtual game, or make a deposit on behalf of your clients.

23. Start A Waste Management Firm

There are several garbage management firms in Malawi. Nonetheless, Malawi is acknowledged to be dealing with a greater filth burden than such firms can handle.

And, as is usual in many African nations, many individuals in the country continue to toss trash into drainage and litter the ground.

Then, without a doubt, you will be able to engage in the waste management business and profit from it. Simply start a trash management business that helps Malawians manage their garbage and rubbish.

And, who knows, if the government sees how devoted and capable you are, they may delegate additional tasks to you.

24Open A Cyber Café

With the rising need for online services in Malawi, surfing the internet is becoming more of a regular occurrence.

People are either utilizing personal gadgets or cyber cafés to connect to the internet. Starting and maintaining a successful cyber café necessitates a substantial investment in cyber café equipment.

Smartphones are reducing the need for internet cafés in several nations. However, many additional activities, including printing, photocopying, scanning, typing, binding, laminating, graphic design, and so forth, cannot be performed on a smartphone.

These services may be provided in addition to internet services.

17. Laundry And Dry Cleaning Services

This is one of Malawi’s fastest-growing businesses. Many people are so preoccupied with their jobs that they don’t have time to wash their clothes.

All you have to do is keep your charges low and your service quality excellent, and you can thank me later.

Town residents, as assumed, may be highly busy. This results in significant burdens when it comes to laundry and other household duties.

Make certain that the business strategy is written in a clear and concise manner. Complete all essential processes, including the legal aspects of the business.

You’ll need to invest in the necessary laundry equipment. Then, promote your services to let them know you’re available to provide them with quick answers.

It should be noted that this sort of business is extremely successful in a large city like Lilongwe.

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