The 10 Best Washing Machines

Making a purchase as major as a washing machine in South Africa can be an intimidating process. To make the process simpler, we’ve done all the hard work for you!

If you’re looking for a powerful appliance that will help eliminate even the toughest of stains and get your clothing feeling clean again in no time, our selection of front- and top-loading washing machines are a perfect choice.

All models are made from durable materials designed to withstand frequent use and equipped with cutting-edge cleaning technology that guarantees exceptional results with each wash cycle.

With features like adjustable spin speeds and water temperature controls, these gadgets not only excel in efficiency but also in convenience as well.

Don’t wait any longer – pick out one today and start experiencing superb performance!

Choosing the Best Washer for Your Space

When shopping for a new washer, it is important to account for the space you have to work with. Ideally, allow at least 6 inches behind the machine so that water hookups can be connected properly, as well as about an inch between the washer and dryer.

Additionally, ensure that your chosen washing machine will fit through any door frame in your home by checking out its specific dimensions.

Furthermore, if you are dealing with limited space or require a quiet operation, consider purchasing one of our top-rated compact washers or a model that receives excellent marks in our noise tests.

Lastly, be mindful when choosing front-loaders and check for vibration scores; most manufacturers have reduced these vibrations but double-checking is always recommended!

Best Washing Machines in South Africa

1. LG 8.5KG Front Loader

LG F2V5GGP2T Front Loader Washing Machine is a powerhouse of laundry technology featuring an innovative design and steam-washing abilities.

This washing machine has an impressive capacity to clean larger-sized items while also providing superior fabric protection through its Intelligent Care program, which eliminates up to 18% more wear and tears than other models.

The steam technology incorporated into this machine is top-notch – completely eradicating 99.9% of all allergens from your garments, leaving them beautifully hygienic.

Dimensions for this model are 58 cm in height, 89 cm in width and 66 cm in depth; so it will fit comfortably alongside existing appliances in most spaces.

A game-changing feature of the LG F2V5GGP2T is its smartphone app control, granting you full access to six available wash programs wherever you may be!

In terms of aesthetics, this model sports a sleek modern design that is sure to look great with any interior aesthetic – yet still retains its sturdiness over time.

As for potential drawbacks, the weight of this appliance might be prohibitively heavy for some households and there’s not much guidance on how to set up the functions properly upon purchase – but overall these minor downsides don’t take away from the machine’s impressive features.

If you are looking for an appliance that offers ample washing options and top-notch steam technology, then this LG F2V5GGP2T will be a great fit!

2. Samsung 9Kg Front Loader

The Samsung 9Kg Front Loader offers unparalleled cleaning capabilities thanks to its innovative Eco Bubble Technology, allowing complete efficacy no matter the water temperature.

This cutting-edge washing machine is also equipped with a SmartThings App that informs users on appropriate cycles and helps them plan ahead and troubleshoot any issues they may have.

Measuring 85cm x 60cm x 55cm, this trusty appliance comes with 22 wash programs and an impressive A+ energy rating for maximum efficiency.

The Samsung 9Kg Front Loader is certainly packed with features to make laundry day a breeze – however it can be quite noisy during operation; additionally, there is no child lock feature included.

3. Hisense 6Kg Front Loader

The Hisense 6KG Front Loader Washing Machine is a great choice for those looking for an affordable, high-performance machine.

With 15 wash cycles and a coveted A+++ energy rating, users can rest assured that they are getting the most out of their electricity bill while keeping their laundry free from dirt and debris.

The Snowflake Drum design ensures that items get cleaned thoroughly but gently, so as not to cause any unnecessary damage due to agitation.

It also features Child Lock and Delay Start functions for added safety and convenience respectively.

Electronic Speed Management provides greater efficiency with each cycle while Balance Control work to keep the machine running evenly during operation; making it suitable even for larger households.

On top of all this, its sleek dimensions (H:85.4cm x W:59.5cm x D:45cm) make it perfect to fit in any space Even though the Hisense 6KG Front Loader has some impressive specs, one potential issue is the noise levels – so bear that in mind if you’re particularly sensitive to sound when doing laundry!

4. Bosch Series 4 Washing Machine

The Bosch Series 4 Washing Machine is the perfect choice for households looking for a reliable and energy-efficient machine.

Featuring an impressive spin speed of 1,400 rpm and an AntiStain option to handle tough stains, this washing machine is designed to power through even the most demanding loads.

Additionally, its EcoSilence Drive ensures your laundry room stays quiet while its AllergyPlus technology helps ensure an allergen-free wash.

The front loader has a responsive LCD touch display as well as 16 wash programs so you can customise your cycle according to your needs.

Aside from that, it boasts an A+++ energy rating which helps reduce electricity costs while also being affordably priced.

Make use of these various features and enjoy complete peace of mind with no customer reports concerning noise coming from the washing machine’s operationá…³even when set on higher spin speeds!

5. Samsung 7.5Kg Front Loader / Dryer Combo

Samsung is renowned for its innovative hygienic cleaning solutions using advanced steam technology, eliminating up to 99.9% of bacteria and allergens.

The 7.5kg series was designed with digital inverter technology, making it more efficient while still providing powerful performance yet much quieter than other machines on the market.

Furthermore, this model features a comprehensive selection of 20 programs ranging from gentle wash cycles to heavy-duty duties cycles which can be managed easily through its responsive LED display.

What’s more, its dryer combination feature ensures quick drying convenience even on cold and rainy days!

You can rest assured that this machine will provide long-lasting usage with its A rating in energy efficiency consumption and air wash system capabilities.

To top it off, Samsung offers a generous warranty should you ever need assistance when using your machine so you can make use of repair services as necessary without worry!

6. Hisense 14Kg Twin Tub

The Hisense 14Kg twin tub washing machine is the perfect partner for busy households.

This top-loading appliance offers a great capacity for doing laundry and air-drying clothes, all in one convenient machine.

Its simplistic design ensures ease of use, whilst its broad base helps to ensure that it remains firmly in place when operating.

Feature-wise; there’s no App control but users can choose from a variety of wash programs as desired.

The dimensions of this washing machine are 104.2cm (height) x 89cm (width) x 53.5cm (depth), making it an efficient space-saver too!

With a B energy rating, it’s economical on electricity and comes equipped with filters to remove lint and drain excess water away quickly too – win-win!

Unfortunately, there’s no LED display or childproof safety features so be sure to keep out of reach of children when using this product.

7. Defy 15Kg Twin Tub

This “A” rated Twin Tub washing machine is an ideal solution for large families who want a cost-effective and energy-efficient option.

Its dual-tub design enables you to easily move clothes from the wash side to the spin dryer, saving time compared to a standard single-tub washer.

It has two basic programs allowing users easy, convenient operation.

The small spinner tub size allows for perfectly combined loads of laundry and washing with no need for a partition or drum adjustment.

However, this twin tub does not possess some features that more expensive models offer such as LED display, touch control and child lock options.

Despite this fact, its efficient water-saving capabilities provide an edge over conventional machines making it an attractive choice for budget-savvy shoppers looking for convenience without compromising on quality performance.

8. Hisense 13Kg Top Loader

The Hisense 13Kg top loader washing machine boasts a plethora of features, ideal for large laundry loads.

Its impressive LED display with convenient touch controls and 10 wash programs make it easy to tailor your washing cycle, whilst the air-dry function helps dry and fluff fabric at the end of each cycle – perfect for those busy days!

Additionally, power-off memory ensures you’ll never have to worry about accidentally leaving the machine on again.

As an added bonus, this model has been awarded a ‘B’ energy rating making it both efficient and cost-effective.

With H:106.5cm x W:69cm x D:66cm measurements, the Hisense 13Kg top loader is perfect for any home!

9. Bosch 9Kg Front Loader Washing Machine

The Bosch 9Kg front loader washing machine provides a silent operation and energy-efficient performance, perfect for any household.

With advanced AllergyPlus technology, allergens are removed from clothing more effectively.

For easy access to various settings and functions, the machine’s large LED display offers visibility and is user-friendly.

Despite not being equipped with Home Connect or having an accompanying app, this washer still offers essential features like water protection and temperature control.

In terms of dimensions, it measures 84.8cm in height, 59cm wide and 59.8 cm deep.

Among its advantages is its child lock safety feature while some shortcomings include limited cycle options as well as no support for home connect/through apps.

10. Toshiba 7Kg Front Loader

Toshiba’s revolutionarily different 7Kg washing machine utilises cutting-edge technology – the Eco Cold Water Wash – to ensure colours remain vibrant in your clothes for longer.

Not only does this make it kinder on fabrics, but is also energy efficient and earns itself an impressive A++ rating from independent reviewers.

With sixteen distinct cycles on offer, from a 15-minute quick wash to an intensive cycle suited to bedding or delicates, you’re sure to find the perfect program for every type of load.

At 85 cm high, 53cm wide and 60cm deep, this powerful appliance fits comfortably against any wall without taking up too much space.

And thanks to advanced noise reduction techniques running your washer is virtually silent!

For those looking for peace of mind that their clothes won’t fade – Toshiba has got you covered with their Color Alive Technology – so we can confidently recommend their 7Kg washing machine as a choice pick!

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