The 10 Best Private Schools in Durban

Are you looking for the best private schools in Durban? It is vital that parents take extra care when it comes to selecting an educational institution for their children.

After all, a good education will give students the opportunity to reach their full potential and open doors for them in the future.

Private schools, in particular, have many advantages that you won’t find at state-funded schools ᅳ from small class sizes and rigorous curricula to state-of-the-art facilities and excellent teachers who go above and beyond every day.

With so many wonderful private schools located in Durban, it can be difficult to narrow down your options. To make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 picks that include something for everyone!

We invite you to read this post further as we discuss why these private schools are some of the best choices available today.

Best Private Schools in Durban

10. AL Falaah College

Al-Falaah College is one of the best private schools in Durban that has been providing excellence in education for students from Grade 00 to Grade 12.

The co-educational, independent Islamic day school offers a holistic educational experience to its students within a safe environment that seeks to empower them spiritually and intellectually.

With four distinct phases focusing on learning for excellent performance combined with Islamically infused teaching, Al-Falaah College provides an ideal setting for developing critical thinking skills, honing physical fitness abilities and exploring Allah-given talents.

Alongside its primary academic instruction programme, the private high school also offers extra activities such as debate clubs and sports teams to further encourage their pupils’ positive growth.

Located at 99 Lotus Rd, Springfield, Durban, Al-Falaah College stands out among its contemporaries as one of the best private schools in Durban – creating an atmosphere of support wherein scholars can bring forth their best potential while being surrounded by faith and opportunity.

9. St Henry’s Marist College

St. Henry’s Marist College, a private co-educational Catholic day school in Glenwood, Durban, is renowned amongst parents as one of the best private schools in Durban for its exceptional academic performances and safe, healthy atmosphere.

With traditional values grounded within their ethos, the school is registered with ISASA (Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa) and learners write the IEB at matric.

In addition to providing an excellent education at an affordable rate of annual fees ranging from R98 74 to R111 710 per annum, St. Henry’s Marist College caters to over 600 students across four phases including pre-primary (grade 000 – grade R), junior preparatory (grade 1 – grade 3), senior preparatory (grade 4 – grade 7) and high school (grade 8 – grade 12).

Located on 210 Mazisi Kunene Road in South Ridge Durban, St. Henry’s Marist College offers first-class education that marks it out as one of the top private schools in Durban for quality education coupled with affordability for South African families.

8. Brettonwood High School

Established in 1966, Brentwood High School is highly regarded and revered as one of the best private schools in Durban, South Africa.

Taking its name from Brettonwood Avenue which intersects at the main entrance, this co-educational English medium school is situated near Umbilo.

Offering an array of educational opportunities such as Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Social Sciences and Languages to Arts, Commerce and Technology among others – it strives for academic excellence resulting in many great minds that have come through its doors over generations.

As well as a full complement of studies offered – Brettonwood High also offers a wide range of extracurricular activities including amongst others debating, drama and choir classes; while sports enthusiasts can sign up for football, cricket basketball and tennis to name but a few.

One of the most affordable private schools in Durban with its address being 399 Oliver Lea Dr; provides quality education at an accessible price – making it an excellent choice for parents seeking secondary schooling for their youngsters.

7. Crawford International College Durban

Crawford International College is one of the best private schools in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa with a rich history of academic excellence and first-class boarding facilities.

Established in 1993, it has become known for making sure its students are fully rounded individuals – self-confident and outspoken.

It offers a 21st-century academic curriculum to meet the demanding educational gap for both male and female students from grade 8 to grade 12.

Classes at Crawford International College focus on cultivating the perfect balance between academics and extra-curricular activities such as music, art, public speaking and sports like hockey, volleyball, chess, rugby golf swimming and water polo.

Parents who choose this school can enjoy affordable rates with fees ranging from R137 200 to R146 800 per year – subject to change depending on factors such as age/level which should be confirmed directly with the college itself.

6. Maris Stella School

Maris Stella School is an excellent choice for parents looking to send their daughters to one of the best private schools in Durban.

Established in 1899, this girls’ Roman Catholic school provides a comprehensive education that fosters faith and growth on both moral and physical levels.

Maris Stella offers primary-level instruction from Grades 000 through Grade 12, making it an ideal choice for families searching for steady academic progression from early childhood until high school graduation.

With its focus on delivering superior educational excellence to students enrolled in Grades 8-12, Maris Stella School consistently ranks among the top private schools for girls throughout South Africa.

Learners at Maris Stella are offered a broad selection of traditional classes such as English, Afrikaans, Mathematics and Science as well as unique programs like Visual Arts and Engineering Graphics & Design.

Beyond classroom studies, Maris Stella also provides students with numerous extracurricular activities such as tennis, soccer, swimming and debate clubs so they can gain skills outside of academia.

5. Clifton School

Known for its holistic education, Clifton School is considered one of the best private schools in Durban. Established in 1924, Clifton School is an independent school catering exclusively to boys from grade R to grade 12.

It offers a well-rounded 21st-century education that prepares students to be confident and responsible men through a stimulating environment with small classes.

The school also offers its students a range of extracurricular activities; cricket, rugby, soccer, water polo, tennis and chess are prevalent sports available while art and culture clubs such as film academy, debating and public speaking help foster creativity amongst learners.

Fees have been kept relatively affordable at R163 400 per annum (R43 400 quarterly). Additionally, development fees and accident insurance are also included within the fee structure.

With a long history steeped in excellence and success, it is easy to see why many families choose Clifton School as their educational provider – it has emerged as one of the very best private schools in Durban with an address situated at 102 Lambert Road Morningside Durban Kwazulu Natal Province South Africa.

4. Kearsney College

Kearsney College, one of the best private schools in Durban, is an independent traditional day and boarding high school for boys.

Founded in 1921, Kearsney has registered with the Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa and follows the standards of the Independent Examination Board (IEB).

Known not only in Durban but also throughout South Africa due to its innovative curriculum and a large number of students from both domestic and international origins, this premier private institution offers top-notch boarding facilities as well as a range of subjects and extra activities.

In recent years, it has proven itself highly successful – boasting two gold medals won at the World Choir Games in 2018.

Furthermore – whilst being amongst the priciest options when concerning private education – Kearsney maintains an accessible fee structure for those seeking admission to its distinguished college.

3. Eden College Durban

Located in the vibrant city of Durban, Eden College is one of the best private schools in KwaZulu-Natal. A co-educational learning institution established in 2007, it offers a unique and stimulating educational experience for students from Grade 000 to Grade 12.

Committed to academic excellence and pushing boundaries while providing an all-around education, Eden College has earned its place as one of the top-rated high schools in Durban.

Attracting learners from Grade 8 through to Grade 12 who are seeking a premium yet affordable independent education, this prestigious school provides an environment that values both academic achievement and personal growth through sports and cultural activity.

The safe and secure campus allows for an environment where learners can engage with highly trained staff members who create a supportive atmosphere for learning; ensuring that parents can have faith that their children are receiving the best possible education from one of Durban’s leading private schools.

2. Durban Girls’ College

Durban Girls’ College (DGC), a Christian, independent school for girls only, is one of the most prestigious private high schools in Durban.

Established in 1877 and located on Musgrave Road in Essenwood, the college provides a unique educational approach and safe learning environment, along with 21st-century education and a well-rounded curriculum.

As such, they are frequently considered one of the best private schools in Durban. The facilities include day schooling as well as boarding residence for grade 7 to 12 pupils who wish to stay overnight.

With highly qualified teachers leading classes, students have every chance to develop their potential and grow into confident young women while having an inspiring educational experience at DGC.

While fees may be considered high by some standards compared to other more affordable private high schools in Durban the advantage of quality is clear cut here making this school one of the top choices for parents looking for an excellent institution giving their daughters a pathway towards academic success.

1. St Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls

St. Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls (SMDSG) is one of the best private schools in Durban and has been established since 1906.

Situated in a South African city, SMDSG provides a unique Christian independent day and boarding school for learners from Grade 8 to Grade 12.

With currently over 1,000 pupils enrolled, this renowned school has earned its place among top-tier private high schools by providing a well-rounded education based on Christian values along with dedicated teachers and quality boarding facilities that create a safe serene environment.

Class sizes are kept to a maximum of 25 students per grade in order to provide close individual attention and foster curiosity through learning.

SMDSG covers a wide range of subjects combined with various extramural activities which makes it an ideal choice for parents who wish to give their child a quality learning opportunity while instilling good character traits and academic exploration.

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