Where to Sell Tanzanite in South Africa? 8 Best Places

Are you a Tanzanite owner looking to sell your precious gemstone in South Africa but not sure where to start? You don’t have to miss this, because this blog post has got you covered!

Tanzanite is a rare and valuable gemstone that is only found in Tanzania. It’s known for its stunning blue-violet hue and has become a popular choice for jewellery enthusiasts all over the world.

However, selling Tanzanite in South Africa can be tricky if you don’t know where to go. In this post, we will explore some of the best places to sell your Tanzanite in South Africa.

We’ll provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about where to sell your gemstone, including factors like reputation, pricing, and customer service.

So if you’re ready to turn your Tanzanite into cash, keep reading to learn more about the best places to sell Tanzanite in South Africa.

Where to Sell Tanzanite in South Africa?

Here are the 8 best places to sell Tanzanite in South Africa:

1. The Tanzanite Company

If you’re looking for the best place to sell Tanzanite in South Africa, then The Tanzanite Company is a perfect choice.

This prestigious jeweller has been a leader in the industry for years and offers some of the highest quality stones from Tanzania.

They specialize in all types of Tanzanite, from rough-cut to polished pieces, guaranteeing that their clients receive only premium gems.

Their experienced team of gemologists thoroughly examine every piece to ensure it’s authentic and provides customers with an unbiased assessment of its value.

Whether you’re selling for investment purposes or simply want to upgrade your collection – The Tanzanite Company offers superior service, great prices and a dependable return policy on all purchases made with them.

2. GemGold Gemstones

GemGold Gemstones is a family-run business that has been working with African minerals for over three decades, their expertise and knowledge about the market make them one of the top destinations for buyers of Tanzanite.

With a wide selection of precious gems from around the continent, they are sure to have something that catches your eye.

Their experienced team will guide you through every step of the process so you get an optimum return on your investment.

From sourcing quality materials to providing expert advice on valuation, they strive to ensure a smooth and successful transaction each time – making them one of South Africa’s best places to sell Tanzanite gemstones.

6. Gecko Jewellers & Mapatiza

If you’re looking to sell Tanzanite in South Africa, there is one premier establishment Gecko Jewellers & Mapatiza.

This store guarantees customers top prices for their prized gemstones while delivering unparalleled levels of service.

Gecko Jewellers has a strong reputation among traders as one of the best places to buy, trade, or appraise Tanzanite stones in South Africa.

Their experienced team is highly knowledgeable about the intricacies of each individual stone, providing transparent consultation that allows clients to understand their options before reaching a decision.

Furthermore, their discreet services ensure your privacy when selling valuable gems.


AFROGEM is an ideal choice for those of you who want their Tanzanite in South Africa. From their showroom based in Cape Town, they give customers a wide selection of certified precious gems and minerals that have been ethically sourced directly from Tanzania.

Customers can choose from an extensive variety of gems including pink tourmaline, grey spinel, emerald and aquamarine as well as the coveted Tanzanite.

The pieces purchased through AFROGEM are rigorously inspected to ensure that each gemstone possesses exceptional clarity, colouring and cut – something which puts them in the top echelon when it comes to quality Tanzanite retailers.

Furthermore, customers can also take advantage of their free appraisals provided by highly qualified jewellers who will present you with a comprehensive report regarding your piece’s authenticity and estimated value.

8. Point Jewellery Exchange

Point Jewellery Exchange is a nationally-renowned shop is renowned for offering the best prices on a wide selection of high-quality precious gems, including Tanzanite.

With an impressive lineup of expert gemologists, appraisers and buyers, their knowledge and experience make them one of the best places to sell Tanzanite in South Africa.

From providing competitive market values for these rare stones to handling all aspects of sale transactions with the utmost professionalism, Point Jewellery Exchange is sure to provide a smooth and straightforward selling process that will set you up for success.

7. Jewel Africa

Jewel Africa is the best place to get top dollar if you want to sell your Tanzanite.

With certified expert staff who are passionate about giving customers the highest quality service and a competitively-priced selection of Tanzanite, it’s easy to see why Jewel Africa is a favourite destination for buyers and sellers alike.

Their showroom features a dazzling array of beautiful Tanzanites in many sizes, shapes, colours and qualities where you can find something that’s uniquely perfect for you.

They even offer complimentary appraisals with every purchase so you know exactly what your gem is worth!

Moreover, their upstanding customer service ensures that each transaction is done with integrity and complete transparency – so rest assured knowing that when selling your prized Tanzanite at Jewel Africa it’s always done in a safe and secure way.

3. Tanzanite International

Tanzanite International is a reputable business that offers competitive prices for exquisite gems, making them ideal for anyone looking to purchase or sell fine jewellery.

An expansive inventory includes a vast selection of premium quality pieces in every shade imaginable, including balmy blues, soothing greens, and vibrant violets.

Customers are also offered personalized services such as private consultations with experienced gemologists who can help identify the best stones and cuts that suit each individual’s taste and budget.

5. Katannuta Diamonds

For over a decade, this institution has been one of the leading experts when it comes to providing its customers with quality Tanzanite gemstones from around South Africa.

Not only are their gems sourced from reliable sources but they also provide authentification certificates for each purchase which guarantees that you get the highest quality possible.

Furthermore, the store’s staff is highly knowledgeable and experienced in helping clients select the most exquisite jewellery pieces featuring these beautiful stones at competitive prices.

Plus, Katannuta Diamonds offers both an online shop and physical stores for their customers’ convenience.

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