Where to Sell Empty Beer Bottles in South Africa?

Are you a beer lover who’s tired of seeing empty bottles piling up in your house? Or maybe you’re a business owner who needs to dispose of large quantities of empty beer bottles.

Whatever your situation may be, you’ll be happy to know that there are several options for selling empty beer bottles in South Africa.

In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the different places where you can sell your empty beer bottles and how to get the best price for them.

We’ll cover everything from recycling centres to scrap metal dealers, and we’ll provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Selling your empty beer bottles not only helps you clear out clutter but also helps the environment by promoting recycling. Plus, earning some extra cash on the side is never a bad thing!

So, whether you have a few empty beer bottles or a truckload, keep reading to find out where you can sell them in South Africa.

Where to Sell Empty Beer Bottles in South Africa?

Here are the 10 best places to sell you empty beer bottles in South Africa:

1. Gumtree

For those looking to make a bit of extra cash in South Africa, Gumtree is one of the best places to sell empty beer bottles.

The user-friendly platform makes it easy for anyone to post an ad listing the items they are trying to sell and then start making money.

With features such as pricing reminders, payment protection and buyer ratings & reviews; buyers can be assured of getting a great deal when it comes to selling their empty beer bottles on Gumtree.

Additionally, sellers can use advanced search tools to find specific listings that match their requirements as well as special filters for craft beers or vintage bottles if desired.

With low rates for posting ads and no commission fees, there’s no better place than Gumtree for people looking at selling their empty beer bottle collection quickly and easily.

2. Makro

Makro is one of the best places to sell empty beer bottles in South Africa. It offers a convenient, efficient and safe system for exchanging your recycled glass beverage containers for cash.

At Makro, you can benefit from their state-of-the-art reverse vending machines which provide fast sorting and counting of returned bottles and cans.

The machine simply scans product barcodes within seconds and credits you with the cost amount according to the type of container as well as its size.

You’ll then receive your payment immediately either through an electronic funds transfer or an instant voucher that can be redeemed at any checkout in-store.

3. SA Breweries

The best place to sell empty beer bottles in South Africa is SA Breweries. Established over a century ago, SA Breweries is the nation’s premier provider of brewery and packaging services.

From their vast network of distribution centres, customers can easily access collection points for their empty beer bottles throughout the country.

Not only do they offer convenient locations for dropping off empties, but they also pay competitive prices, making them one of the best places to sell your empties in South Africa.

In addition to offering top-notch bottle recycling services, SA Breweries also provides rewards and discounts on refillable bottle purchases and other products as part of its commitment to sustainability.

4. Bonpak

The ideal place for individuals in South Africa to offload their empty beer bottles is Bonpak, a leading company in the beverage packaging industry.

With decades of extensive experience and an extensive network of clients, Bonpak offers the best solution for anyone looking to get rid of empty bottles with ease.

Customers can expect nothing less than top-notch customer service, competitive prices and convenient payment options.

Whether it be glass or plastic containers of any size – whether you’re looking to sell one bottle or thousands – Bonpak is definitely the right choice!

5. Takealot

Takealot is arguably one of the best places to sell empty beer bottles in South Africa. This online marketplace prides itself on providing an efficient and reliable way for individuals or businesses to buy or sell products.

With its expansive catalogue spanning across a variety of different categories, including convenience items such as empty beer bottles, Takealot makes it easy for sellers to find a willing customer without any fees attached.

Using their platform, buyers can not only purchase from vendors located anywhere in the country but also have their purchased goods shipped straight to them with no additional delivery costs – making it one of the most convenient options available for those looking for ways to offload unwanted containers.

Furthermore, with competitive prices and up-to-date product information provided by registered merchants, users can be sure they’re getting the best deal possible when trading via Takealot’s seller portal.

6. Ferrous Metal Processors

Ferrous Metal Processors is one of the best places in South Africa to sell empty beer bottles. This multi-faceted facility specializes in recycling ferrous metals, including aluminium and steel – both key ingredients in beer bottles.

Their state-of-the-art machines shred the bottles down into scrap metal which can be broken down further into individual components for resale or reuse.

The team at Ferrous Metal Processors makes sure that all waste materials are correctly handled and recycled – ensuring that they leave no lasting impact on the environment.

Not only does this provide an excellent service for sellers looking to dispose of their empty beer bottles, it also helps to reduce planetary waste levels by turning materials into valuable resources once again.

7. Bottle Traders

Bottle Traders is widely considered to be the premier place for individuals who want to offload these beverage receptacles in exchange for financial compensation.

As part of its sustainable mission, Bottle Traders makes it easy for sellers to make a few bucks from their once-used glass or plastic containers, and also helps decrease wastage that would end up being disposed of improperly in landfills and other areas.

At Bottle Traders, sellers can rest assured that they will receive fair market value for their discarded beer bottles; depending on the type of product and packaging element used, prices typically range between R5 and R25 per bottle.

The store offers convenient pickup services across many parts of South Africaá…³including Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Towná…³which means consumers don’t have to worry about hauling large quantities of empties around if there isn’t a trading outlet near them.

8. The Glass Recycling Company

The Glass Recycling Company is one of the best places to sell empty beer bottles in South Africa.

Not only do they offer competitive prices for recyclable material, such as glass, but also employ responsible and green practices that benefit both their customers and the environment.

Boasting an extensive network of collection centres throughout the nation, The Glass Recycling Company makes it easy to make money from your empties while going green.

Collected materials are then transported to processing facilities where they’re sorted by type and cleaned before being sent on to be made into new products – preventing valuable resources from ending up in landfills or polluting natural ecosystems.

9. Builders Warehouse

If you’re looking for the best place to sell your empty beer bottles in South Africa, Builders Warehouse is definitely worth considering.

The popular chain of stores across the country provides a convenient way for you to get rid of your returnable glass bottles and cans – allowing you to make a bit of extra money in the process.

Not only does Builders Warehouse offer generous incentives for accepting your empties, but they also have a range of excellent customer service options so that clients can feel comfortable about handing over their items.

Thanks to their speedy and efficient buying processes, many customers are able to walk away from Builders Warehouse with cash in hand without any hassle or delays.

10. Spar Grocery Stores

Spar Grocery Stores are one of the best places to sell your empty beer bottles in South Africa.

Whether you’re stocking up on drinks for a big bash, or refreshing after-work beverages, these grocery stores offer an easy and convenient option that won’t leave your pockets feeling light.

By returning your empties to any of their many locations across the country, you’ll be able to receive a small refund per bottle – helping you get a little extra back from each purchase.

Plus with some of the lowest prices around for both cold and non-alcoholic options, Spar ensures that customers have access to quality products at competitive rates.

So make sure to pop into your nearest store next time you want to share a good time – whatever it takes!

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