The 10 Best Thrift Stores Near Me in Johannesburg

If you have been looking for affordable clothes, then you should head to thrift stores. There are many shops that sell second-hand clothing, and they provide a lot of variety.

You will be able to find a wide range of clothing that is available at a fraction of their original price. A lot of people prefer buying second-hand clothes just because they can save money.

They do not have to worry about their budget in case they need to buy more than one item. For them, thrift stores are the perfect place to shop for good quality clothes at affordable prices.

Thrift stores do not only sell usable clothes but also offer some unique items that you can use for gifting purposes too. Some of the items being sold may be damaged or too old, but there are also some that are still in good condition.

You may want to go through everything carefully before buying anything so that you don’t end up spending more than the money you had allotted for shopping.

Trying to find thrift stores in Johannesburg isn’t always easy, however. First, you have to know where they are located and then determine if they have items that you need or want.

Here is a list of places you will be able to find thrift stores in Johannesburg, including the largest and most popular ones.

1. The Curiosity Charity Shop

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The Curiosity Charity Shop is located at 225 Beyers Naude Dr, Northcliff, Randburg, 2115, South Africa. It is like no other thrift store you have ever been in. The clothing and accessories are of the highest quality and the books are all signed first editions.

As well as these treasures, there is a wide range of designer jewellery and artworks, most being auctioned to raise funds for our projects. Come and have a look – you won’t be disappointed!

The Curiosity is a registered charity that sells donated items at its retail store in the centre of Johannesburg, South Africa. All profits are used to fund its social development projects.

It aims to help people who have fallen on hard times by providing them with a means of income through the sale of second-hand clothes and household goods. It also provides food parcels to those who are in need.

The store has become a popular destination for bargain hunters and treasures seekers alike, who come to browse through the shop’s large variety of products and enjoy a coffee whilst watching the world go by.

2. Manaka Preloved Clothes

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If you’ve got a passion for fashion and a love for vintage, then Manaka Preloved might just be the place for you. This thrift store has a huge selection of second-hand clothes and accessories from a wide range of designers. The best part is that all profits from the store go to charity.

The shop offers pre-loved clothes from all types of designers, including new labels on the market, as well as some high-end brands. They also carry items such as shoes, bags and jewellery.

The great thing about this place is that you can find items that are no longer in production. So if you’re looking for something special and unique, this is the place to go.

Whatever your size, you’ll be sure to find something to suit Manaka Preloved’s wide range of clothing. The staff at Manaka Preloved know exactly what they have on hand and can help with recommendations if you’re looking for a specific item or type of clothing.

If you’re not sure where to start, the shop assistants are always happy to help with suggestions. When it comes to finding that perfect vintage look that has been out of fashion for years but still looks great, Manaka Preloved has you covered.

3. HospiceWits

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The world of fashion is constantly changing, and people love to be on top of the latest trends. One of the most effective ways of keeping up with this continuous change is by visiting HospiceWits thrift store in Orange Grove, Johannesburg.

Located at 199 Louis Botha Ave, Orange Grove, Johannesburg, they carry trend-setting clothes from some of the best designers in the world, but at prices that you can afford!

If you want trendy clothing, but don’t want to pay the premium that comes with it, then this is the place to go. It’s also worth noting that the clothes are all in great condition.

In addition to clothing, HospiceWits also offers a selection of jewellery and handbags from local designers. Indeed, it seems that buying second-hand clothes has become something of a trend among Johannesburg fashionistas – so much so that Ms Mdutshwa has plans to expand her business in the future by opening more stores in neighbouring provinces.

4. Bounty Hunters Charity Shop

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Bounty Hunters Charity Shop is a second-hand shop that helps you to track down the things you need, at affordable prices. It is a great way to find those old pieces of furniture with memories attached to them or that special family heirloom that has been missing for years.

Bounty Hunters Charity Shop is one of the newer stores on the scene, but it’s already well-established. It has a huge range of clothing and other goods at very reasonable prices. The staff are friendly and helpful and can often give you tips on bargains to look out for.

Bounty Hunters situated at 71 4th Ave, Melville, Johannesburg, is the biggest second-hand store in Johannesburg. It is so big that it can take an hour to just walk through the store. The best part about this store is that if you see something you like but it doesn’t suit you or your friends and family, you can always swap it with something else from the store.

They also offer great prices on all of their products. If you are looking for cool furniture for your lounge or bedroom, this is the place to shop!

5. The Johannesburg Children’s Home Thrift Shop

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The Johannesburg Children’s Home Thrift Shop has located o50 Grant Ave, Norwood, Johannesburg, 2192, South Africa. It offers a wide selection of clothing and household goods at an affordable price by selling donated items to the public.

The thrift store is open to both residents and non-residents of the communities they serve while offering a 15% discount on all purchases made with cash. They also provide free delivery within a 10-mile radius of their location.

With its wide selection and affordable prices, the thrift shop is a great place to find gently used clothing and household goods at a steal.

Is there something in particular that you’re looking for? A classic suit for a wedding perhaps? Or maybe you’ve got a fashion show coming up, and you want the clothing to be affordable but also stand out from the crowd.

Well, that’s what they do best. They offer affordable items at thrifty prices – all in excellent condition, of course. They sell clothes, shoes and accessories for men, women and children, as well as furniture and giftware. If there’s anything specific that you’re looking for.

6. Junkie Charity Store

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You can find almost anything at Junkie Charity Store. Get yourself a new pair of jeans or a skirt for work, or buy a nice dress for an occasion. You’ll find both men’s and women’s clothing, as well as accessories like belts, boots and bags.

Toys, shoes and homeware are also sold here. All proceeds from sales of these items go to helping children in need in the Johannesburg area.

Junkie Charity Store is located at 94 Pretorius Street in Johannesburg, Gauteng. The store is open Monday to Saturday 9:30 AM to 5 PM and is closed on Sundays.

The store is run by volunteers who are always ready to help you find the right item. As an added bonus, they offer free delivery within Joburg, so you won’t have to worry about carrying heavy purchases back home!

This store has a lot of interesting finds that you won’t want to miss out on, so make sure you stop by next time you’re looking for great deals on second-hand goods.

7. Reminiscene

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Reminiscene is a thrift store and vintage clothing store in Johannesburg. It offers trendy clothes, shoes and accessories for women and girls at affordable prices.

It offers trendy clothes, shoes and accessories for women and girls at affordable prices. The store has an extensive range of products from jeans to formal wear, from business attire to party dresses, from casuals to swimwear, from shoes to bags, and from tops to bottoms.

The store also sells accessories such as jewellery and belts. Reminiscene stocks a wide variety of brands including H&M, Mango, Next, Forever 21, Vero Moda, Superdry and many more! It also has new stock every day, with some items selling as low as R100, including tights, tops and dresses.

Reminiscene is located in the Johannesburg CBD at 4 Melpark heights, 24 9th St, Melville. Reminiscene also delivers on orders over R500 within the city.

8. Yaga

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Yaga is an online thrift store, an ethical and sustainable way to shop for second-hand fashion. Their items are sourced from donations that are made by the community and business owners in Johannesburg.

They have created a platform where buyers can purchase second-hand items at affordable prices while keeping the clothes out of landfill sites. Yaga wants to be the first choice for conscious consumers who want to shop ethically but do so in style.

Yaga online has a wide variety of clothing racks and shelves stocked with cool fashion items. This store offers all kinds of clothing for both men and women in all different sizes, shapes, colours and styles.

The great thing about Yaga is that it was created by a team who have extensive experience in the apparel and fashion industry. They are 100 per cent dedicated to making retail shopping fun, easy and affordable for everyone.

And they are braving new territory by being one of the first companies to sell second-hand clothing on the internet, which is a pretty bold move for an emerging economy such as South Africa’s.

9. Thrift Vintage Clothes

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Thrift Vintage Clothes is the leading online store in Johannesburg and Cape Town that sells handpicked quality vintage clothes. Their vintage selection comprises of women’s dresses and tops, pants, jackets, shoes and accessories. All their garments are in excellent condition, cleaned and carefully packaged to ensure they get to you in perfect condition.

They have carefully selected only the best second-hand clothing from local thrift stores so that you can shop with ease. The store has personally inspected each item before it is listed on our website or sold in their store. This ensures that you get the highest quality vintage at the most affordable prices.

They have done all the hard work for you by hand-selecting only the best-quality second-hand clothing.

This is a good store and worth spending time going through all the racks. They are well stocked with beautiful clothes. The prices are generally reasonable and you can find some really nice vintage pieces here.

10. Remar Christian Centre Charity Shop

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Are you looking for a place to buy quality clothes and household items at very low prices? Then the Remar Christian Centre Charity Shop in Johannesburg is the perfect place for you.

You can find anything, from bedding and curtains to crockery and cutlery, office supplies, toys, books, electronics and much more.

If you are looking for an outfit for an occasion or even just a casual outfit to wear out on the weekends, this is the place to go. The prices at this store are so good that they will not leave a dent in your pocket.

This store is always brimming with people because it has what people need at the cheapest possible price. This store is located on the corner of Jan Smuts and Turner Street in Orange Grove. It is open from 2 pm until 4 pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon.

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