19 Best Ways to Make One Million Rand a Year in South Africa

There appears to be no shortage of solid business ideas in South Africa to earn one million Rand each year. The reality is that the internet has made it simple to start a business.

You can contact anyone in the world with only a website. If you target the appropriate individuals with the proper product, you’ll be able to make your own money in no time.

Other advantages of establishing an internet business include lower costs, greater flexibility, and less paper waste.

So, if you’re secretly considering establishing your own business, here’s a list of the greatest small business ideas that are within the grasp of nearly anyone ready to take the risk and earn one million rands each year.

The possibilities range from social media manager to public speaking instructor to interior design consultant.

How to Make One Million Rand a Year

1. Start Blogging

Blogging has been one of the most difficult professions I’ve ever done, and it’s not for everyone. I basically worked for free for a long period and had to experiment with different ideas to discover what worked.

I considered abandoning my blog several times, but I’m glad I didn’t because I’m now a full-time blogger (which still seems weird to me!).

I work from home, spend time with my family and dogs, get to take wonderful trips with my family, and give to my favourite organizations. I’m even planning on launching a second blog to supplement my income. I’m overjoyed to have two money-making blogs.

If you believe blogging is something you’d want to do, you can create a blog with Bluehost now for only $2.95/month.

Starting your own blog is simple, painless, and takes less than 20 minutes.

I also recommend the course Launch Your Site Biz, which has over 70 lessons and covers everything from generating loads of traffic to setting up your gorgeous blog, developing money-making content, Pinterest, YouTube, and many other vital topics.

2. Social Media Manager

Even small businesses require a social media presence, but many don’t know how or don’t want to invest the time required.

This is when you come into play. You will write and publish on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter as a social media professional. You must understand how to reach out to audiences, when and where to post, and how to produce text that benefits your clients.

Your clients will require you on an ongoing basis, giving you consistent revenue and a successful business.

As you gain expertise, you will want to provide your clients with more services, such as assisting them with placing sponsored articles and advertising. Social media platforms are increasingly becoming “pay to play,” with more businesses paying to increase their visibility in a competitive market.

It is not difficult to become a social media expert! It is quite simple to master the social media skills required to provide basic posting services to local companies on your own.

To acquire your first client feedback, consider giving discounted services to a friend’s business.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the practice of promoting a product sold by another seller. An affiliate marketer may drive clients to their landing page by using advertising, social media, blogging, and other methods.

Customers who click a link to buy the product will be sent to the merchant’s store to complete their purchase. This is a wonderful online business idea for anyone, regardless of past experience.

4. Coaching and Online Courses

Online course platforms have made it easy to share your skills or experience. If you are a subject matter expert or are passionate about something, you may turn it into a significant income.

Offer online coaching lessons to students and create a community to assist you in growing your online coaching company. You may reach out to folks searching for online coaching lessons by creating a Facebook page or even a podcast.

All of these coaching and training-based business models may be carried out at a cheap cost and from the comfort of one’s own home.

There are also numerous online platforms, like Thinkific and Teachable, that may assist you in getting started quickly. You may sign up for these sites and begin coaching right now.

5. Work as an Online Freelancer

Because of the internet, it is much easier to offer your skills as a freelancer these days, and there is a large online community ready and eager to take you on.

I routinely engage freelance writers to write for the sites I operate, and they charge approximately $50-$100 for 1500 words, so it’s simple to see how freelance writing can easily provide a living.

I can generally write 1500 words in half a working day, including research, so it’s easy to understand how a skilled freelancer might accomplish 3000 words per day = up to $200 per day.

Writing is clearly not the only service you may provide as a freelancer, and there are several other options if writing is not your forte. These may include:

  • creating a website
  • Designing graphics
  • Computer programming
  • Virtual assistance
  • Proofreading
  • Transcription

I am aware that all of these freelance services have the potential to earn $5000 per month.

It shouldn’t be too tough to obtain freelance employment given that there are so many paid websites where you can offer your skills.

My personal favourites are:

  • Upwork – For all manner of freelance gigs
  • Problogger – Mainly for writing jobs
  • FlexJobs – For all manner of remote gigs
  • Freelancer – For all manner of freelance gigs
  • Guru– For all manner of freelance gigs
  • TaskRabbit – For small gigs
  • Fiverr – For all manner of freelance gigs

Email outreach is another excellent method for obtaining consumers.

I didn’t look for the writer I hire to create blog entries for me. They contacted me via email, and after seeing some samples of their work, I agreed to utilize them.

If you intend to acquire clients using email outreach, keep in mind to customize the emails you send. Nothing is more infuriating than receiving a boilerplate email that has been mass-mailed to a million people/businesses.

So, personalize your outreach emails and make sure you know anything about the company you’re contacting. This will appear far superior to a generic email.

Your profits will be heavily influenced by the number of clients you can recruit as well as the complexities of the job required.

A freelance computer programmer, for example, is likely to make far more than a freelance proofreader.

As previously said, I have the greatest experience with utilizing freelance writers, and according to Zip Recruiter, the average income of a freelance writer in the United States in 2019 was $63,488pa.

This amounts to $5,000 each month.

6. Sell on Amazon FBA

(Image Credit: Getty Images)

Selling things on Amazon is a legitimate method to earn a lot of money. Please bear with me for a moment if you have no idea how to even get started selling on Amazon.

Are you unsure what Amazon FBA is? An Amazon FBA business is similar to an online store, except in this instance, Amazon handles a lot of the things that most e-commerce store owners struggle with. “Fulfillment by Amazon” is an abbreviation for “Fulfillment by Amazon.”

So you source the goods, and Amazon stores, packs, and ships them for you, as well as handle customer care.

Amazon then keeps a percentage of the profits as a commission and service fee. And, as I previously stated, my buddies earned over $100,000 from reselling things through Amazon FBA.

Jessica and her husband have mastered the art of selling on Amazon and have profited well over $100,000. (their first year in the biz).

This side business (or full-time profession) is here to stay since Amazon selling has barely scratched the surface of what’s possible.

7. Moving Service

How can you establish a moving company if you don’t have a truck? You hire one!

Using rental vehicles for this business is quite beneficial. You can hire the precise size you want for the weight you will be hauling. And you won’t have any running fees for it on days when it’s not in use.

Because most transfers are local, the market for local moving services is enormous. I knew a man who meticulously developed a highly successful local moving service over the years by attentively servicing each customer and selecting a smart and memorable name for his company. He resisted the need to compete only on price.

To begin, obtain insurance, hang posters in apartment complexes and storage facilities, and then post an ad on Craigslist.

I’d bill on an hourly basis. In this manner, even if the customer alters the number of goods to be carried or the job takes longer than planned, you will still be paid the same hourly rate. Consider offering packaging services as an add-on service.

This might be the company for you if you have a driver’s license and don’t mind performing some heavy lifting! It may appear that you need a few thousand dollars or more to get started with this business.

However, if you rent a van or vehicle to begin starting and use your house as your office, you may start your moving service for almost nothing.

8. Dropshipping Business

Oberlo is a dropshipping marketplace – we couldn’t leave out the word “dropshipping”!

Dropshipping is the simplest way to start an eCommerce business without needing to purchase any items ahead of time.

Oberlo can help you locate thousands of goods to sell online from vendors. Then, without having to invest in warehousing or production expenditures, sell to clients all over the world while creating and marketing your own brand.

You do not have to pay for inventory until it is sold to a client. Dropshipping works for most online shop idea, from online boutiques to jewellery stores to women’s apparel stores to one-product stores.

9. Start a Podcast

Podcasting is on a meteoric ascent. In 2006, just 22% of adults in the United States listened to podcasts. That figure has already risen to more than 75%.

You may also make a lot of money. Consider Joe Rogan, who was paid $100 million to transfer his show solely to Spotify.

So, how can you get your business off to a good start?

The first step is to design your podcast episodes and get the necessary software and equipment.

The next step is to sign up for podcast hosting. A podcast host is a service that stores and distributes your audio files to major podcast networks such as iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, Spotify, and others.

10. Become an Amazon Associate

Amazon Associates is Amazon’s own affiliate network, through which you may earn money by recommending customers who then buy anything from Amazon.

So, for example, I may operate a website that reviews televisions.

On my website, I have an affiliate connection to an Amazon-sold television. Someone reads my TV review, hits the Amazon link, and then buys the TV from Amazon.

When the transaction is done, I will receive a commission depending on the percentage of the type of products sold.

The thing I like about Amazon Associates is that even if the person you suggest to Amazon does not purchase the product you linked to, but instead purchases something else, you still get paid.

11. Become a Professional Proofreader

(Image Credit: Getty Images)

Turn your love of words and reading into a career as a professional proofreader.

For exceptional tasks, I engage a proofreader, which has become a necessity in my firm. Proofreaders are in high demand since they are required for books, periodicals, websites, and a variety of other projects. Proofreaders may make between $17 and $30 per hour and can work from home with competitive compensation and flexible hours.

This is a fantastic side business that has the potential to become full-time employees. You work totally from home and usually establish your own hours.

12. Mobile Car Wash

Cars are a source of pride for many individuals, but they don’t always make time to wash them. And many individuals do not want to get their car cleaned at a drive-through. You may assist by providing a mobile car cleaning service.

There is no requirement for a physical place. You can wash automobiles in the homes or workplaces of your clients. You may even strike a contract with a parking lot or garage. The parking facilities may demand a modest price, or they may be glad to give you free parking as a courtesy to their customers.

You can later expand into cleaning automobile interiors, waxing, and even providing full detailing services. You only need a couple of sponges, a bucket of soapy water, and some clean rags to get started.

The good/better/best service level pricing approach is a fantastic idea for establishing a service firm and is standard practice in the car wash sector.

By providing multiple levels of service, you can make your prices more reasonable to budget-conscious clients while also making your services more enticing and lucrative to more demanding customers.

13. SEO Professional

This is one of the trendiest occupations in the internet world right now, and it’s a gold mine for tech-savvy businesses.

While everyone is a little concerned with optimizing their websites for SEO, few individuals can truly get their brains around this issue.

If you decide to enter this area, you may consider providing one-time services like link building, content development, e-commerce SEO optimization, and other comparable services.

14. Graphic Design

Companies are constantly looking for graphic designers to assist them with their brand image.

The options range from developing marketing assets such as banners, posters, and logos to building landing pages and websites.

To start your own business, you can market your design abilities to small business owners or individuals. Graphic designers can also obtain relevant work by joining freelance services such as Flexjobs.

Getting new clients should be very simple if you have past experience in this industry. However, studying the fundamentals of graphic design from the ground up is equally straightforward, since there are several online courses and tutorials accessible.

To begin, you use graphic design tools such as Adobe InDesign or Photoshop to study the fundamentals of graphic design.

You may also develop your graphic design abilities with additional user-friendly online tools such as Visme.

15. Private Tutoring

(Image Credit: Getty Images)

Have you ever thought of becoming a private tutor? If you are proficient in one topic, such as math, physics, or English, you are ready to begin.

Tutors might demand exorbitant hourly charges. And there is no faster method for a student to learn than with one-on-one tutoring!

You are not limited to your local market. You may instruct students from anywhere in the world using Skype.

Spread the word by posting mini-posters on neighbourhood bulletin boards, posting advertisements on Craigslist, and talking about it with friends and on social media.

Get your name on the list of recommended tutors for area guidance counsellors.

16. Videographer

Because YouTube is the world’s second most popular website, it’s no wonder that video is quickly becoming one of the primary communication vehicles for organizations of all kinds.

It won’t take you long to establish a clientele if you have experience with video recording or editing. Everything from video creation workshops and video editing services to music libraries and do-it-yourself tutorials may be appealing to businesses.

Producing a video may be one of the most appealing internet business ideas, with plenty of room for creativity and difficulties.

17. Web design and development.

There are approximately 4 billion internet users worldwide, and six out of ten small companies have a website. Front-end web development is a crucial talent to have in order to meet the increasing demand for new website launches.

To hone your abilities, start by creating websites for your friends and family. While there are several website builders available to assist small businesses in creating their own websites, developers are required for more specialized tasks (and new businesses are always looking for efficient coders at cost-effective prices).

You may begin your profession by giving reasonable pricing for your services, and then gradually turn it into a more profitable company strategy by strengthening your portfolio.

Every web developer must be able to code in computer languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. There are numerous free or low-cost online courses available, such as Treehouse, Udemy’s Web Developer Bootcamp, and Codecademy, that may help you learn to code and get started with web development.

18. Interior Designer

People have gotten more discerning about how every element of their home’s decor has evolved through time. Interior designers that can create aesthetically appealing and practical living environments are constantly in demand.

Furthermore, those that hire interior designers are often on the top end of the wage scale. There are also several chances to work in corporate interior design, where major corporations pay you to design hotel lobbies, corporate offices, resorts, and other facilities.

To begin, look at some ideas on Pinterest, which has a plethora of interior design ideas to inspire you. Then, using your personal and professional network, create a business based on your design talents.

Because a portfolio is important in this industry, you might consider doing free work and working with house developers and realtors to stage homes before venturing into a full-time business.

19. Resume Writing Services

Even in this day and age of internet databases, people still want assistance in producing a fantastic resume.

Adams Media Corporation, the book publishing firm I created, rose to prominence as the premier publisher of resume books. (We also released books on nearly every other “how-to” topic conceivable.)

And, yes, this is the company I founded for less than $2,000 and sold for $40 million.)

The main difference between a poor and a fantastic resume, in my opinion, was that the weak resume appeared to be an attendance record, but the outstanding resume emphasized what the individual accomplished.

It’s also a good idea to include some search-engine-friendly keywords. Finally, keep in mind that companies like resumes that are brief and to the point.

So keep that in mind, and if you can write, you can become a fantastic CV writer.


The number of methods to earn $5000 per month from home grows by the day, and it’s never been more feasible to start generating that much money with a home-based business.

The idea is to approach any online money-making activity like a company from the beginning. Scaling up is how successful firms become.

This entails being able to develop and continue to grow once you’ve achieved some success, but without incurring significant extra expenditures.

The nice thing is that internet companies like blogging, specialty site creation and online courses can be grown enormously, and if you can accomplish that, you’ll be well on your way to earning not only $5000 per month, but potentially much more.

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