Isitha: The Enemy Teasers October 2023

Monday 4 October 2023
Episode 76
The Truth Comes to Light

On Monday 4 September 2023, tensions rise as Khaya continues to lie about what happened to him. However, Bra Solly discovers the truth behind the conflict between Chuma and Khaya.

Meanwhile, TK confronts Thenji for taking her “daddy issues” out on him. As the situation escalates, Bra Solly takes Chuma’s side while Nelly makes up a story about being chased by a lion.

Tuesday 5 October 2023
Episode 77
Brotherly War

Rebs faces off against the Sokhulu brothers and Chuma blames everything on Khaya. Meanwhile, Thenji expresses her frustration towards Bra Solly for causing her pain in the past.

Rebs reveals to Kenny that she has R2 million at hand. MaDlamini approaches Nka with hopes of becoming a gospel singer. Later that day, TK proposes marriage.

Wednesday 6 October 2023
Episode 78
A Fresh Start

The Sokhulu brothers come up with plans to deal with Rebs while Kenny introduces her to a new thug. Nelly prepares for her audition song as Thenji reconnects with her father.

Despite their efforts, Rebs and the Sokhulu brothers fail to reach an agreement.

Thursday 7 October 2023
Episode 79
Tragic Loss

After Kenny is shot dead, Gazi stops Rebs from going on a shooting rampage. Thenji receives a clip from Bra Solly that belonged to his mother which stirs up emotions within her.

While Nka announces the finalists for his competition, Khaya feels guilty for what happened to Kenny and heads over to Nomcebo’s house where he unleashes gunfire.

Friday 8 October 2023
Revenge Unleashed

Chuma manages to disarm Rebs but Thenji uses the opportunity to inform Khaya about their father’s past sins. Meanwhile, Nomsa feels insecure in her relationship with Bra Solly as she believes he is replacing her with Thenji.

Nelly plans to take MaDlamini’s place as a gospel singer while Khaya and Chuma bond over a shared memory.

Monday 11 October 2023
Episode 81
Facing Consequences

Nomcebo demands an explanation from Chuma regarding his actions involving Rebs’ R2 million. Bandze struggles with moving into a shack as Thenji tries to mend her relationship with her parents.

Gazi promises to help Rebs destroy the Sokhulu brothers while Nka improvises for Matshidiso’s photoshoot.

Tuesday 12 October 2023
Episode 82
Farewell, Old Friend

Nka shows the record label manager pictures of Matshidiso but receives no response. Meanwhile, Rebs mourns Kenny’s death and decides that his body should be buried next to Bra Phil’s grave.

As tensions rise between the Sokhulu brothers and Chuma, Khaya wakes up from unconsciousness.

Wednesday 13 October 2023
Episode 83
Rebirth of Rebs

The Sokhulus are shocked when they find out Khaya was holding his father by the neck. Rebs announces that Gazi will be moving in with them while Nka asks Nelly to be the face of his new gospel single featuring Matshidiso.

Meanwhile, Rebs begins her journey towards recovery.

Thursday14 October 2023
Episode84 The Sacrifice for Family

Nka tricks Matshidiso into singing behind the scenes while Nelly mimes on stage during their performance.

Bra Solly is surprised when Nomsa kicks him out of their house and Khaya gets shot while protecting Chuma from an angry Rebs.

Friday 15 October 2023
Episode 85
No Turning Back

Khaya is rushed to the hospital in the station’s van with the Sokhulus by his side. Meanwhile, Nelly enjoys being in the spotlight as a rising star and Matshidiso becomes jealous.

Khaya falls into a coma while Nomsa blames Bra Solly for what happened.

Monday 18 October 2023
Episode 86
Rebs Becomes a Threat

Nka finds himself in a difficult situation due to his actions. While Rebs takes pleasure in seeing Nomsa and her family suffer, she also feels sorry for Velaphi who is broken after losing Bra Phil.

Chuma starts getting used to Bra Solly’s presence as they begin to bond.

Tuesday 19 October 2023
Episode87 The Mafia Rises

The NBM client arrives at the warehouse without any concern for Khaya or their involvement in his accident.

Matshidiso believes she has found a valuable mineral but learns that it has already been discovered by someone else.

Meanwhile, Bra Solly performs a ritual with a sangoma in hopes of healing Khaya.

Wednesday 20 October 2023
Episode88 Sink or Swim

With NBM funds frozen, the Sokhulus find themselves struggling financially once again.

As Rebs announces her plans to take over the warehouse, Chuma and Nandi are stunned.

To make matters worse, Bra Solly suggests that all his children should change their last names to his.

Thursday 21 October 2023
Episode89 Secrets Revealed

Chuma and Nandi are shocked when Rebs shows them evidence of Khaya cleaning up after he killed Bra Gibb.

Bulelani tries to convince Nomsa to go through with changing her last name but she remains firm on her decision.

Later on, Velaphi and Thenji come clean to Chuma about who really killed Bra Gibb.

Friday 22 October 2023
Episode 90
The Boss Lady

Chuma tells Nandi that they must let Rebs take over the warehouse for the sake of the Sokhulu family.

While Nka is concerned about his messy stack of cash from illegal activities, Chuma and Nandi investigate a possible lead on Khaya’s accident.

Meanwhile, Bra Solly demands that all his children change their last names to his.

Monday 25 October 2023
Episode 91
Last Minute Encounters

Khaya is in desperate need of a kidney donor. Nomcebo praises Chuma for taking care of his brother while Rebs tries to intimidate Nandi into making her coffee as she settles into her new office.

The test results are revealed and Bra Solly is a match for Khaya.

Tuesday 26 October 2023
Episode92 Family Comes First

Thenji expresses her gratitude towards Bra Solly for donating his kidney to Khaya.

Meanwhile, Bulelani clashes with Nolitha who refuses to leave the bar despite their breakup.

As tensions rise between the Sokhulus and Rebs, they prepare to go into surgery together.

Wednesday 27 October 2023
Episode93 A Mother’s Love

Mbuso watches Chuma and his mother share a tender moment but he kicks over a bin in frustration.

The Sokhulus anxiously wait for news on Khaya and Bra Solly’s surgery while Nka remains adamant about not being anyone’s servant.

Thursday 28 October 2023
Episode94 Surprises and Secrets Unveiled

Bra Solly thanks Khaya for giving him another chance at life but makes it clear that it does not erase what happened in the past.

Meanwhile, Matshidiso causes chaos when she realizes how much money was made from selling illegal cigarettes.

Later on, tensions rise as secrets are revealed and relationships are tested.

Friday 29 October 2023
Episode95 Nka’s Good Deeds

As the money from illegal activities arrives, Chuma and Nandi are disturbed by how much they have made.

Meanwhile, Nka’s charitable deeds attract attention from some travelers who offer him a donation.

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