10 Proven Ways to Make Money on YouTube in South Africa

Do you want to learn how to make money on YouTube in South Africa? Every day, five billion YouTube videos are viewed around the globe.

YouTube is still as popular as it has always been, with users spending an average of 40 minutes on each YouTube session.

In accordance with this digital change, you should understand how to make money on YouTube in South Africa. You just need video editing software and a computer to get started on YouTube.

Making money on YouTube is no longer limited to a small group of platinum artists or big influencers.

There are many ways for regular individuals to make money on YouTube. You must, however, be more deliberate in your approach.

I’ll go through the many methods you may start earning money on YouTube this year in this post.

Let’s get this party started.

How to Make Money on YouTube in South Africa?

1. Become a Partner in Affiliate Marketing

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Promoting affiliate links may be a huge moneymaker for channels that provide in-depth training and informative product evaluations.

For example, if you suggest a product and a user clicks on your link to purchase it, you will begin receiving commissions.

You may include these links in the first few lines of your description and discuss them in your video content.

Look for businesses that invest in affiliate marketing if your YouTube following is loyal and engaged but not quite there in terms of headcount.

YouTubers with commercial affiliations urge their viewers to visit the brand’s online shop or particular product pages.

They have then compensated a percentage of sales generated by their — you guessed it — affiliate connections.

2. Sign up For the YouTube Partner Program

Ads will most likely be the first income source you investigate. Joining the YouTube Partner Program and setting up monetization is a critical step whether you want to make money on YouTube without producing videos or as a content producer.

You must agree to abide by all of YouTube’s monetization rules and reside in a nation or area where the YouTube Partner Program is accessible. Once you’ve accumulated 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the previous year, you may apply for monetization.

Here’s how to activate YouTube monetization:

  • Log in to the YouTube account that you wish to monetize.
  • In the upper right corner, click the account symbol.
  • Go to YouTube Studio.
  • Select Other Features > Monetization from the left menu.
  • Read and accept the YouTuber Partner Program terms and conditions.
  • Make a new Google AdSense account or link an existing one to your channel. (To get paid, you must have an AdSense account.)
  • Configure your monetization choices.

After that, return to the dashboard and choose the Analytics option on the left side.

To obtain a sense of your anticipated YouTube income, choose Revenue from the top-level tabs, then scroll down to the chart Monthly Estimated Revenue.

3. Become an Amazon Associate

Amazon’s influencer program is growing in popularity. This influencer program enables you to optimize your YouTube (and other social media) presence in order to make money via Amazon recommendations.

After joining the program, you will be able to evaluate and suggest goods, as well as drive your viewers to Amazon to make purchases via affiliate links. When your visitors click over to Amazon and make a purchase, you receive a share of the commissions — usually 8-10%.

This program, however, is not available to everyone. The number of social media followers and other variables influence approval chances.

4. Develop Sponsored Content

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Another way to make money on YouTube is via sponsored content.

If you’re a YouTube influencer, you may naturally add a brand or product reference in your content, produce a full video showcasing a company’s product or service, or simply give a short shout-out to a brand with whom you’ve collaborated.

There are many little and big chances to collaborate with companies and earn money, either for each individual referral you make to their website or just for adding a brand reference to your material at all.

Best of all, you don’t have to pay a percentage of your profits to YouTube for any sponsorships; instead, you may negotiate directly with the company.

Alternatively, if you’re a brand, this may be an excellent chance to reach new consumers and, eventually, increase income.

5. Crowdfund Your Next Creative Endeavour

When money is the only thing standing between a concept and its realization, crowdfunding is a fantastic method to make it happen.

If your concept is appealing enough, you may ask your own audience and the crowdfunding community to chip in to help you purchase better equipment, hire actors, or pay other production expenses.

Many successful crowdfunded creative projects include a sneak peek or “trailer” to pique people’s interest, so try making a video describing your idea or providing a taste of what it’ll be like, like this popular Kickstarter for Kung Fury, a short film tribute to ’80s action flicks.

6. Make Your YouTube Marketing Funnel

Improve the revenue potential of your YouTube channel. Choose a topic, become a YouTube partner, and begin creating your marketing funnel.

YouTube is one method to get your message out there, but you may make more money by combining it with a blog. You’ll be able to gather more email addresses and ultimately sell goods to your fan base this way.

For example, if you publish a blog article on an affiliate product you suggest, repurpose it by creating a YouTube video that is linked in the post.

Then, redirect visitors from YouTube to your site and the affiliate links to make money while also increasing blog readership.

Another excellent alternative is to integrate your YouTube channel with an e-commerce platform such as Shopify and sell merchandise. Here are some excellent YouTube merch shops to get ideas from.

7. Super Chats and Super Stickers on YouTube

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What is the definition of fan funding? It’s exactly what it sounds like: people who like your material contribute money to your channel.

It’s ideal for films run by charities and NGOs, but for-profit companies and independent creatives may also post videos and YouTube Live broadcasts that promote audience donations.

Twitch.tv, which webcasts video games and general interest material, reports that users two years or older make $80 in “tips” each year on average.

Obviously, YouTube and Twitch have distinct audiences, but YouTube has a sizable number of devoted channel members who would definitely pay for exclusive incentives and content. Sign up for Fan Funding on YouTube to enable viewers of a live broadcast to tip through a chat box connected with the video.

You may also join Patreon, which enables you to create membership-only video channels on YouTube for a modest monthly fee in exchange for frequent incentives. Consider how much money a YouTube channel might make if it had the 1,000 subscribers needed by the YPP. If you charge $1 for a new channel with fresh material, you might have a steady monthly income stream.

8. Make Your Material Available to The Media

When a video becomes viral, every news source wants a copy so that they may show it to their audience. Fortunately, established media businesses understand the importance of paying for what they consume. And there you have it: another method to make money on YouTube.

Licensing your most successful work to the media as a content producer may be as simple as making yourself visible.

It’s impossible to predict when lightning will hit. Set up a generic email address that you may use for business enquiries even if you don’t have a company manager.

Jukin Media is an excellent place to begin. Even if you don’t have a popular video like the Chewbacca mask woman (see below), media outlets often need timely material to supplement their story.

For example, Jukin has an extensive library of ‘newsworthy’ films to which you may contribute if you have unique footage of a big natural catastrophe, aircraft accident, or locust epidemic.

9. Become an Expert In YouTube SEO

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For video producers who have not yet established a large audience, this year is the time to pick up your game and optimize YouTube SEO.

To do this, conduct keyword research as normal, but think differently depending on what people are looking for on YouTube. Next, make certain high-value keywords are included in your video title, description, and video tags.

Once you’ve launched, you can look at your YouTube “Traffic Source: YouTube search” report to see what people are looking for when they discover your hosted videos.

In general, Google returns video results for keywords such as “how to,” “reviews,” “tutorials,” and “funny video phrases.”

There are five important YouTube SEO ranking variables to consider as well:

  • Subscribers after viewing a video
  • Number of comments
  • The ratio of thumbs up/thumbs down
  • Duration of the video Click-through rate on YouTube search results

10. Get Your Fans to Pay You Directly

This YouTube money-making approach involves a few distinct revenue sources, but they all have one thing in common: you must make it simple for your viewers to express their gratitude with a credit card.

YouTube’s prior Fan Funding function was replaced by Super Chat in early 2017. This is a feature accessible exclusively to YouTube Partners when they live broadcast.

Essentially, your viewers may make their comments more apparent in the live chat stream by paying to have them highlighted and pinned for a certain period of time.

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