The 12 Best Engineering Companies in South Africa

South Africa is home to some of the biggest and best engineering companies in the world and is not only a great source of pride for all the citizens of this country but also a massive boost to its economy.

These companies are continuously delivering innovative engineering solutions to the market, as well as conducting extensive research and development to further their technological know-how.

Most of these companies offer some of the best opportunities for engineers who have just graduated from college as well as those with years of experience working in their field.

We have compiled a list of some of the leading and best engineering companies in South Africa based on various sources such as industry experts, and user reviews.

Best Engineering Companies in South Africa

The best engineering companies in South Africa will always depend on what kind of services you want and need.

Even technology evolves with time. For this reason, you may be looking for a company that makes use of the latest technologies in the market.

Some great companies in South Africa specialize in engineering works, but it’s still important to look at your needs as they broaden beyond your specific interests.

The best engineering companies in South Africa include Aurecon South Africa, BHP Billiton, Sasol, ESKOM Holding, Transnet Engineering, Argent Industrial Limited, and Dihlase Consulting Engineers.

These companies have been providing excellent engineering services in South Africa to a number of clients based across different industries over the years.

Here’s a list of some of the best engineering companies in South Africa.

1. Aurecon South Africa

Aurecon is one of the largest engineering firms in South Africa with offices across the continent.

They have been providing engineering, management and specialist technical services to government and private sector clients for over 60 years.

With a global footprint, they are proud to have been involved in some of the most innovative and successful projects in South Africa and abroad.

Aurecon provides engineering, management and specialist technical services for public and private sector clients globally.

The firm believes in the power of innovation to change the world for the better.

The company seeks to inspire people and contribute to the industry by working towards solving the most complex challenges that face its communities, industry and society.

As an integrated engineering, management and specialist technical services company, Aurecon delivers sustainable outcomes through smart thinking and technical excellence.

The company is driven by client needs, supported by highly talented people, and dedicated to growing its service offering.

2. BHP Billiton

BHP Billiton is one of the best engineering companies in South Africa, providing services to different companies and industries.

They offer effective engineering solutions that can help improve operational performance and reduce costs.

They are involved in the mining, oil and gas industries. They also make sure you get customised services for your company, according to your needs.

They offer different types of services, including asset optimisation and integration, asset performance management, condition monitoring, petrochemical and refineries, integrity management and operations excellence.

You can use this global company’s engineering experience to improve the productivity of your business.

The engineers used by BHP Billiton have years of experience in their field and strive to provide excellent results every time they work on a project.

3. Sasol

If you are looking for the best engineering company in South Africa then Sasol is the right choice.

It is a well-established international integrated energy and chemical company based in South Africa.

This company has been operating for more than three decades, and it became a market leader in providing quality engineering and chemical products.

The company has its headquarters in Johannesburg and they have more than thirty thousand employees all over the world, who work hard to provide excellent services to their customers.

This company is one of the most successful companies in South Africa because they do not compromise on quality.

They always use high-quality materials for manufacturing their products and their customers can be sure that these products will last for a long time.

Sasol is also a leading company in manufacturing various types of chemicals which help to improve the environment.

They have been working on this project for many years now, and they are constantly improving their technology so that they can reduce harmful emissions from factories, vehicles, etc.

4. ESKOM Holding

ESKOM Holding is one of the leading engineering companies in South Africa and is one of the largest suppliers of electricity.

It has a strong reputation for providing engineering solutions that are well-suited to the needs of the community.

The company has a broad range of competencies and produces high-quality results every time it does an engineering project.

Secondly, the company has expanded its services beyond South Africa into other African countries like Nigeria and Zambia.

ESKOM’s product portfolio is expansive and comprises civil construction services, manufacturing of power generation equipment, electrical transmission and distribution equipment as well as control systems and solutions.

The company also provides services like operations and maintenance of power systems, power system studies and analysis, and technical support to electricity customers among others.

Furthermore, the company has over a thousand employees who are committed to delivering world-class results.

5. Transnet Engineering

Transnet Engineering is one of the best engineering companies in South Africa.

It is the largest company within the Transnet group and its head office is situated in Durban.

Transnet Engineering is a world-class heavy engineering facility that forms an integral part of Transnet Freight Rail, a division of Transnet SOC Limited.

Transnet Engineering specialises in the design and manufacture of rolling stock, locomotives and wagons, and offers a broad range of engineering services including overhauls, maintenance, repairs and refurbishments.

Transnet Engineering’s footprint extends across South Africa with facilities strategically located in major centres such as Pretoria, Bloemfontein, Durban, East London and Port Elizabeth.

6. Argent Industrial Limited

Argent Industrial Limited (Argent) is one of South Africa’s leading engineering companies.

They are a black-empowered company with 49 years of experience in the engineering field, with a specific focus on the petrochemical, power, mining and food manufacturing industries.

Their services include manufacturing underground scrapers & wear parts, grizzly frames & segments as well as other allied mining equipment for all sectors of the mining industry.

Argent Industrial is a fully integrated engineering company with in-house design and manufacturing capabilities, ensuring every step in production can be carefully monitored to ensure first-class quality.

The company has built up a reputation for being punctual and efficient, delivering products that meet or exceed customer expectations.

Argent’s vision is to be recognised and respected as an astute business partner by our customers, suppliers and employees.

7. Dihlase Consulting Engineers

Dihlase Consulting Engineers is one of the leading engineering companies in South Africa.

The company has worked with a multitude of clients to provide high-quality engineering solutions for their specific needs and requirements.

They take pride in our work, and they invest all of our passion, determination and expertise into each project that they are a part of.

Their services include electrical, civil, mechanical and structural engineering solutions. They also offer project management, as well as construction supervision services.

The company’s main objective has been to provide top-notch services in various engineering fields.

This includes quantity surveying, contract administration and project management among other services.

8. Kenwhill Engineering Solutions

Kenwhill Engineering Solutions is one of the leading and biggest engineering companies in South Africa.

They are experts in various engineering fields like civil, mechanical, electrical and structural.

They are also specialists in machine tools, fabrication and manufacturing of special machines, building and construction, metal works and maintenance services.

The company has grown to incorporate diverse business interests that include steelworks, conveyor systems and structural steel design.

Their unmatched technical expertise, outstanding performance and quality reputation have made them one of the leading companies in their line of work.

9. Murray and Roberts Construction

As one of the top engineering companies in South Africa, Murray & Roberts Construction has a proven track record of successfully delivering large-scale projects.

From civil to structural, mechanical and electrical work, this construction company has a range of capabilities to deliver everything from building design to construction and maintenance.

Murray and Roberts Construction is a South Africa-based company that specializes in engineering, construction, building and mining.

The company is one of the oldest in South Africa and dates back to 1902 when two brothers started a plumbing business in Port Elizabeth.

The company has since grown into one of South Africa’s largest engineering firms and works with clients all over the world.

They are also involved in many different projects including building roads, infrastructure projects like bridges or tunnels as well as mining operations for gold and other minerals.

10. Voith Turbo

Voith Turbo is one of the leading engineering companies in South Africa and provides engineering products and services with exceptional quality.

They have a wide variety of products from transmissions, couplings, encoders, brakes, torque limiters and much more; all of which are amongst the best in their categories.

Their range of hydraulic torque converters is highly reliable and guarantees top performance at all times.

Their couplings are also high quality and can be used for a variety of industrial applications.

The Voith turbo encoder is an excellent product that is used to convert mechanical motion into digital information (pulses).

The Voith turbo brake is built using cutting-edge technology that guarantees long-term reliability and durability.

All their products are backed by a team of highly skilled engineers that offer excellent technical support to their customers.

They also offer maintenance services regularly to ensure that their products operate at their optimum levels at all times.

11. G54 Engineering Services

G54 Engineering Services is an established mechanical, structural and piping engineering design company.

G54 Engineering Services specialises in all aspects of Mechanical, Structural and Piping Engineering Design and has developed a reputation for quality workmanship, flexible working conditions and excellent client service.

They provide turnkey engineering solutions for all your plant and equipment requirements.

Whether you require a complete plant installation or asset management, G54 are the go-to company for any of these services.

They are known as a leading engineering company in Johannesburg because we deliver quality workmanship every time.

They have a dedicated staff who work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the best possible service from us here at G54 Engineering Services.

As the leading engineering company in Johannesburg, they are committed to providing excellent customer service and holding ourselves to a higher standard than other engineering companies do.

12. AA Geomatics

AA Geomatics is one of the best and most trusted engineering companies in South Africa. They are a land surveying and geospatial engineering company.

Their services include cadastral surveys, topographic surveys, land surveying, GPS surveys, digital mapping and other geospatial solutions.

They serve Engineering, Architecture, Surveying and Construction industries throughout South Africa.

If you are looking for a company that can assist you with your land survey needs please add AA Geomatics to your bucket list.

The company has extensive experience in the industry and the latest technology to make sure that we can assist you with all your land surveying requirements.

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