10 Best Driving Schools in Durban that Will Make you a Better Driver

The best driving schools in Durban are those that make you into a better driver no matter what level of expertise you have behind the wheel.

These schools don’t just teach you how to pass your driving test, but instead, they prepare you to become an expert driver who knows the rules of the road and can stay safe under any circumstances when you’re out on the streets.

Taking driving lessons is one of the most important things you can do to be a safe driver.

If you’re new to driving, then you might feel pretty intimidated by it all – but there are plenty of reasons why taking driving lessons is great.

For one thing, by taking driving lessons in your neighbourhood and learning alongside your peers, you’ll be more comfortable behind the wheel right away; knowing that other people are also struggling with parallel parking or making turns makes it much less scary!

When it comes to driving, there’s no doubt that everyone wants to be a better driver. With so many driving schools available in Durban, it can often become difficult to choose which school will make you a better driver.

The 10 Best Driving Schools in Durban

While there are thousands of driving schools in Durban, not all of them are created equal. Before signing up for lessons with a particular school, do your research to make sure it’s truly one of the best driving schools in Durban.

For example, look at its instructors’ credentials and experience levels and ask about crash-course packages (where you learn defensive driving skills that might help keep you from getting into an accident).

If you can, talk to some of its previous students to find out how they liked their time learning behind the wheel with that specific school.

This way, when someone asks if you went to a good driving school, you can say yes without hesitation.

If you’re looking for a driving school that is sure to make you a better driver, check out our list of ten of Durban’s best-driving schools below!

1. On-Track Driving School in Durban

By reputation, On-Track is one of South Africa’s best driving schools.

While that doesn’t necessarily make it a good choice for everyone, it’s certainly worth considering if you live in and around Durban and are looking to improve your skills behind the wheel.

The school boasts decades of experience, with a wide range of services to choose from depending on your needs.

From practical lessons and advanced training to professional instructor courses and driver training for overseas licenses—On-Track has you covered.

As is expected from a reputable company, their prices are also reasonable and commensurate with quality.

2. Joys Driving School

Joys Driving School is one of Durban’s best driving schools, boasting top-quality training.

It has been operating for over 25 years and focuses on giving each driver a personalized experience so they will be able to drive safely when they get behind the wheel on their own.

It does not matter if you have never driven before or if you just need some refresher courses; Joys has something for everyone!

3. Omars Driving School

For learning to drive in Durban, you must go to a driving school which offers quality training and a driver’s instructor who cares about your well-being.

Omars offers a wide range of classes for different kinds of learners, from teen learners to learner drivers over 70.

All classes offer both one-on-one coaching as well as group training; at Omars you don’t just learn how to be a safe driver—you also learn how to overcome any fear or self-doubt holding you back from being on the road with others drivers.

The school also offers defensive driving courses and class 3 license courses.

4. Oceans Driving

Oceans Driving is a well-respected driving school in Durban that teaches students skills they can use to pass their road tests and become better drivers in general.

They offer customized training for individual needs, as well as packages for specific types of learners (teen drivers, adult beginners) or pre-set packages.

Their standard package includes 30 hours of classroom time and 20 hours behind the wheel, but you can choose to add more training if you feel it’s necessary.

Oceans also offers automatic driver education through manual transmission vehicles.

5. Zaks Driving School

If you’re looking for an effective and efficient way to up your driving skills, a driving school is probably your best bet.

While you can certainly teach yourself how to drive (there are countless guides online), there’s something undeniably useful about learning in person.

If you choose Zaks as your school of choice, you will gain access to experienced, friendly instructors who are trained in all sorts of different teaching methods and techniques.

Classes are small so that more attention can be paid to individual students.

Regardless of whether you’re an anxious beginner or a skilled driver looking for a refresher course, Zaks has got you covered.

6. VIP Driving School

There are many driving schools in Durban that teach you how to be a better driver, but not all can offer you much more than lessons and testing.

VIP driving school has been in business for almost 10 years and it offers some excellent courses to help drivers become better at what they do.

For example, during one of their most popular courses (the Green Light course), drivers learn tips and tricks that can help them make better decisions while on the road.

Additionally, VIP also offers these training classes online so people from out of town can still take advantage of everything they have to offer.

The best way to make sure you’re a great driver is by taking as many classes as possible—and there are few instructors as good as those at VIP driving school!

7. CY Driving School

CY is a Durban-based school that offers comprehensive driving courses for all levels of driving, from beginner to advanced.

Their driving lessons are taught in a structured way and will ensure you have complete control of your vehicle at all times.

Their classes focus on understanding how to make your vehicle function well within any given circumstance, ensuring you can handle whatever might come up while driving.

They also offer defensive driving techniques, which will help keep you safe on South African roads.

8. Spot on Driving School

This driving school is renowned for having one of South Africa’s most patient instructors.

With patience comes confidence, which is a trait that all new drivers will benefit from.

This driving school is also known for its flexible hours and excellent prices.

If you’re looking to get your learner’s license or have recently received your full driver’s license, be sure to check out Spot on Driving School!

9. AR Driving Academy

AR driving school is considered to be one of the top 10 driving schools in Durban. This is due to their instructors and friendly staff.

When you walk into AR driving school you will immediately notice that they are different from all other schools.

They do not scream at you, and they are patient and friendly, unlike other schools where they make it seem like you can’t drive a car even if you already know how to drive.

All their students are very satisfied with their services which speaks for themselves as no complaints were made by any of their students.

If you want to learn how to drive in a safe environment then AR should be your first choice when it comes to choosing a good driving school in Durban.

10. South Africa Driver Training Center

South Africa Driver Training Center (SDTC) offers high-quality defensive driving classes that focus on more than just how to pass a driving test.

With an experienced team of driving instructors, you’ll get quality driver training for a competitive price in almost any part of South Africa.

They also provide refresher courses for those already well-versed in proper techniques who just want to brush up on their skills or practice them from time to time.

This is an excellent choice for individuals or companies looking to train their staff safely and efficiently.

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