The 10 Best Driving Schools in Cape Town

Are you looking for quality driving schools in Cape Town that will help you pass your practical test and become a safe driver? Knowing which school to register at, it will make finding time for lessons easy and less stressful.

Whether you’re planning on getting your learner’s license, or you already have a driver’s license and are ready to improve your skills, enrolling in a driving school is an excellent idea.

While it can be expensive, professional instructors offer valuable tips and tricks to help you become a better driver. Moreover, since most people take their first driving lessons with professionals, choosing wisely will save you time and money (as well as avoid unnecessary stress).

Best Driving Schools in Cape Town

When you’re ready to get your driver’s license and start driving on your own, it can be tough to choose between the hundreds of driving schools in Cape Town that offer driving lessons and courses.

With so many options to choose from, how do you know which driving school is best for you? It’s a complicated question, especially since there’s no one-size-fits-all answer.

Your choice of driving school should ultimately depend on your individual needs and learning style, but other important factors can also include price, location, reviews, and experience.

If you want to be sure you end up with a good fit, consider taking your time to find an instructor who meets all of your criteria.

To help you choose, here are the 10 best driving schools in Cape Town, based on factors like price, location, course quality, and more.

1. DriveSA Driving Academy

Professional, safe and caring; DriveSA has been delivering excellent training at its state-of-the-art facility for years.

Experience driving instructors are committed to your success, getting you behind a wheel quickly, and helping you prepare for everything on your official driver’s test.

Whether you’re looking to get your learner’s permit or prepare for your official driver’s test, DriveSA is an excellent choice.

They have earned great reviews from happy students and have received many awards over the years.

2. Torque Driving Academy

The team at Torque prides itself on being among some of South Africa’s most qualified and professional driving instructors.

In keeping with that goal, they constantly strive to develop their teaching methods and processes, ensuring that every learner is prepared for their practical driving test.

Additionally, their variety of vehicles allows them to accommodate everyone from those who’ve never sat behind a wheel before to learners who need intensive instruction.

As a result, more than 90% of their students pass their practical driving tests the first time around! At Torque Driving Academy, you can rest assured knowing that your safety and education come first.

By practising defensive techniques and utilizing high-quality instruction, they instil safe habits in all of their students so they can stay safe on South African roads.

3. Champs Driving Academy

Champs’ reputation precedes it, having trained drivers for nearly 40 years. The instructors have undergone rigorous training to become an expert on driving techniques and car control, so you know that if you’re taking lessons with Champs, you’ll be learning from qualified professionals.

Their courses also include theoretical sections that cover everything from road signs to what to do in a crash or if your car breaks down, ensuring your safety and ease of mind on the road.

Even their location is conducive to passing: they operate at various spots around Cape Town—including Somerset West, Vredenburg, and Kraaifontein—and offer a door-to-door pickup service.

4. He and She Driving School Parow

Getting your driver’s license is only half of the battle. Learning how to drive safely and confidently is an entirely different undertaking.

He and She Driving School has a long history of assisting people across all walks of life in obtaining their full driver’s license, and even more importantly, teaching them safe driving practices they can use throughout their entire lives.

If you live in or around Parow and are looking for a place to get your driver’s license, as well as take some time out from your busy schedule to learn some essential skills about driving smartly, look no further than He and She Driving School.

5. Helderberg Driving School

As a driving school with thirty years of experience and as one of Cape Town’s best driving schools, Helderberg has helped thousands of people get their driver’s licenses.

The institute has courses for anyone from first-time learners to professional drivers. Their facilities are clean and bright, their instructors are friendly and helpful, and their training methods are top-notch.

On top of all that, they provide free practice tests and they operate in multiple locations around the city so getting your lessons is easy.

If you want to learn how to drive with Cape Town’s best driving school, you can add Helderberg to your bucket list!

6. Conquest School Of Driving Cape Town

Conquest School of Driving is one of South Africa’s leading driving schools. Conquering the mountainous terrain around Bellville and Salt River, they specialize in helping nervous drivers overcome their fears on all types of roads.

With more than 20 instructors serving 3 offices around Cape Town, as well as Pretoria and Bloemfontein, they can get to you wherever you are.

If you live near Cape Town or Durban and want a comfortable environment with great value lessons that will give you greater confidence behind the wheel then Conquest School of Driving is definitely for you!

7. Instruct-U-Drive Driving School

Instruct-U-Drive is a school that offers driving lessons, driver training, and defensive driving courses.

Based out of Charlesville, they specialize in helping students achieve their driver’s licenses as fast as possible.

Their instructors are all professional and certified to teach learners how to drive a car safely on roads.

They teach skills such as parallel parking, forward driving, U-turns, and other basic lessons required by learners.

They have multiple locations including Table View, Manenberg, and Stellenbosch for those who are based out of these areas.

8. Aubrey’s Driving School Cape Town

Aubrey’s will teach you how to drive for far less than most other schools—and its instructors are among some of the best around.

Many past students describe Aubrey’s as more like a family than just a business. Most classes take place at night, with two to three classes per week and weekend practice sessions.

Despite its no-frills approach, Aubrey’s is still considered one of the best driving schools in cape town because it has been known to churn out some of South Africa’s most qualified drivers.

It also holds both public liability and motor vehicle insurance, meaning that you won’t have to cover any extra costs if an accident does occur.

9. GP Driving School K53 Specialists

This South African K53 training school is well known for being the best driving school in Western Cape. GP Driving School has a team of professional instructors that are ready to assist you with your driving lessons.

Their friendly staff will make sure that your experience is pleasant and comfortable.

Their learner drivers can choose between individual or group lessons which are both K53 compliant. At GP Driving School they also offer advanced driving courses for those who need them. Their advanced courses include 4×4 training and defensive driving lessons.

They have a fleet of cars available that are fully insured and K53 compliant. You can choose between manual or automatic vehicles when doing your driving lessons with them.

their prices are competitive and they make sure that their rates are always up to date to give you the best deal possible.

10. West Coast Driving School

West Coast Driving School is a driving school based in Cape Town, Western Cape that offers professional driving lessons, and practical training and they are a registered K53 Test Center with the Western Cape Traffic Department.

Their driving instructors are all highly-trained, honest, and professional. They will always make sure you feel safe behind the wheel and that you know how to drive safely, without taking unnecessary risks.

The school goal is to give you the skills you need to become a competent and confident driver with real road sense. This is why their client base is so loyal – it’s because they offer a quality of service that is unmatched by other driving schools in Cape Town.

So whether you want to get your learners, upgrade your license or just brush up on some essential driving skills, West Coast Driving School can help you prepare for success on the road.

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