20 Best Private Schools In Johannesburg

Are you looking for the best private schools in Johannesburg? If yes, in this comprehensive guide we have a researched list of the top-performing private schools in Joburg.

Education is one of the most precious things you can give your children. Sending your children to some of the city’s best schools is one method to ensure that they receive the best education possible.

Do you realize that your child’s morale and academic strength may be substantially influenced by his or her learning environment? The outcome will be lucrative if you spend heavily on your child’s education.

Johannesburg is one of the South African cities with the best educational institutions for your children.

Private schools are regarded to be the best kind of schools for providing a child with an outstanding learning experience.

They provide a kid with one-of-a-kind learning opportunities, with a concentration on art, music, and theatre, resulting in a youngster who is brave, bright, and creative in all aspects.

Best Private Schools In Johannesburg

1. Orban School

Orban School is a Christian-based private school that educates children in pre-primary and primary school.

The bilingual school provides instruction in Afrikaans and English to children aged one to fourteen.

The school delivers a one-of-a-kind learning experience for all pupils by emphasizing the arts, such as music, painting, and theatre.

Orban School has received the “Best overall school accomplishment in the Johannesburg region” award for five years in a row.

2. Charterhouse

Charterhouse, which was founded in 1976, has evolved into three campuses (pre-primary, primary, and college) that provide distinct levels of instruction to meet your child’s particular educational needs at the moment.

The school follows the Cambridge curriculum and provides its students with a diverse choice of topics to help them prepare for their AS and A levels.

Outside of academics, Charterhouse School offers well-structured sports and extra-curricular programs to provide its students with a progressive and forward-thinking education.

They have netball, tennis, hockey, soccer, horseback riding, and orienteering facilities.

Aside from athletics, the school provides public speaking sessions, art, theatre, and debate lessons for its students.

3. The Ridge School

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The Ridge School, founded in 1919, is one of Johannesburg’s oldest and finest English-medium boys’ preparatory schools.

It is located on 16 acres of the historic Westcliff Ridge, between Jan Smuts Avenue and Valley Road.

The Ridge School, with a strong sense of history yet firmly entrenched in its present contemporary surroundings, continues into its tenth decade to give the boys with a holistic approach to education and life teachings.

They provide an outstanding, well-rounded education that instils self-esteem and actively embraces diversity.

The goal is to build a self-assured individual with a giving spirit and a responsible personality.

The innovative, Christian-based mindset is committed to the flourishing of learning and community development.

4. Sparrow Combined Schools

Sparrow Combined School is also one of the best private schools in Johannesburg, ranking fourth on the list of the city’s top ten best private schools.

Sparrows Combined School is a private co-educational school with around 300 students. The institution accepts students from all walks of life, including those with varying religious beliefs.

The arts, including art, music, and culture, are the primary focus at Sparrows Combined School.

The school provides tuition and instruction to students in grades R through 12 that adheres to the curriculum outlined in the National Curriculum Statements.

5. Johannesburg Muslim School

Johannesburg Muslim Institution, if not the best Islamic school in Joburg, sets the standard.

The school was founded in January 1990 and is one of the best private schools in Johannesburg.

The school also has a preschool in Mayfair for nursery, intermediate, and Grade R students.

The high school portion is in Fordsburg and serves students in grades 1-12.

Despite having about 1000 students, the administration of Johannesburg Muslim School has proved that being named one of the best schools in Gauteng and one of the top five feeder schools for the University of the Witwatersrand is no fluke.

Although an Islamic institution, it accepts students of all faiths, races, and nationalities. However, all candidates must meet their admission standards.

6. Redhill School

Redhill School is a non-denominational private school with almost 110 years of existence. The high school and preparatory schools are on Summit Road, while the pre-preparatory is on West Road North.

An uninterrupted 100% pass rate for the last 30 years is attributed to frequent staff workshops, good teacher-student connections and a low teacher-to-student ratio.

It’s important for students and staff to combine academic and personal endeavours. Drama and dance are very strong.

Redhill has earned a reputation as a ‘family-friendly’ school. All grades, from pre-prep to matric, are accepted. By serving whole families, Redhill develops strong ties with students and parents.

Teachers get to know their students and their families well, which benefits them in the classroom, on stage, and in sports.

Aftercare and vacation care for younger learners, and a large choice of extra-murals for older learners, are also highly appealing to families. Active parents contribute to a caring school community.

7. Brescia House School

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Brescia House School is one of the best institutions with a solid reputation for creating the best-mannered and all-around girls.

When it comes to academics, the school offers a favourable student-to-teacher ratio, so you can be confident that the professors will uncover the students’ talents.

This is also an essential consideration when it comes to developing the student’s particular skills.

Furthermore, the learning centre is well-equipped with amenities that assist co-curricular activities, such as a swimming pool.

The university also claims to be the best in debate and public competitions.

8. Roeden School SA

Roedean is a proudly century-old girls’ school. Founded as a sister school to Brighton’s Roedean School, it now boasts hundreds of students from Nursery to Grade 12.

An indoor basketball court, a diving pool, and an Astroturf field are among the campus’ modern sports amenities. The school also features an art, IT, and media centre.

A strong academic, athletic, and cultural reputation is complemented by an extensive extracurricular program. Roedean, like neighbouring St John’s and King Edward’s, has a renowned water polo squad.

At Roedean, they are proud of their excellent academic level. They have a committed team of seasoned professors who are experts in their professions. Each girl’s potential is encouraged both in and out of the classroom.

They are quite happy with their former kids’ NSC achievements and their tertiary success in South Africa and overseas.

9. St Peter’s Boys School

St Peter’s Boys School is an Anglican primary school admitting students from Grades 0 to 7. An IQAA study in 2012 complimented the school for its student satisfaction, safety, academic and extra-mural standards, and administration.

St Peter’s provides football, swimming, and rock climbing. The Royal School of Music assesses senior students’ music examinations (London). Students are also taught how to use technology, such as iPads, productively from day one.

There is also an Academic Support Unit where students and instructors may meet professionals in disciplines like speech therapy and neurodevelopment. It also has an apiary that feeds the school store with fresh honey.

St Peter’s is an Anglican school that focuses on academic performance while balancing academic requirements with sport, music, culture, and individual growth. The ethos is based on mutual respect, politeness, and open communication.

10. St John’s College

St John’s College is one of South Africa’s oldest educational institutions. The school is mostly for males and is regarded as one of the best private schools in South Africa.

The learning centre guides students through the standard South African educational curriculum. In addition, it features a college division that provides A-level education to both girls and boys.

Aside from academics, the learning centre participates in co-curricular activities such as water polo. It is also well-known for golf and rugby.

11. St Mary’s School, Waverley

St Mary’s School, Waverley, was founded ten years before St John’s College. In reality, it is the oldest and one of the best private schools in Johannesburg. Since its inception, it has maintained a high standard of education.

The Anglican religion underpins everything at St Mary’s School, notably how students are raised to be responsible people.

They have academic, cultural, athletic, and spiritual amenities throughout the institution. Included are the St Mary’s church, modern classrooms with visual aids, St Mary’s Health Centre, and athletic facilities including the St Mary’s Aquatics Centre.

As one of South Africa’s oldest schools, you can guarantee they’ve produced famous people who helped create their wonderful country.

Among its renowned alumni are South African politician Helen Zille, South African field hockey star Cindy Brown, British-South African entrepreneur Prudence Margaret Leith, English novelist Carolyn Slaughter, and others.

12. Assumption Convent School

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Assumption Convent School was founded in 1946 by the Missionary Sisters of the Assumption. For the past seventy years, the private institution has provided its students with a respectable and accessible Christian education.

The school seeks to assist its students in realizing their full potential and making a positive difference in the lives of those around them. The school has a total student population of about 600 students.

This implies that each student receives specialized training and is exposed to the same opportunities.

13. Reddam House

Reddam House is an international school whose curriculum is aligned with the Cambridge curriculum. The school is located in Bedfordview on the grounds of the old Kensington golf club. It is one of the best private schools in Johannesburg South Africa

Within the Reddam institution, there are two divisions: Early Learning and Preparatory School.

Reddam House provides its students with abundant opportunities to express and push themselves outside of the classroom, including beautiful playgrounds, rugby fields, and a swimming pool to mention a few extracurricular activities.

The Kauai franchise manages the dining hall to ensure physical well-being.

14. St David’s Marist Inanda

St David’s has approximately 1100 boys from 00 to 12 and is one of the best private schools in Johannesburg South Africa. The school offers weekly mass for students and employees in its magnificent chapel.

St David’s has a rich sporting heritage, with international rugby and cricket teams, and mandatory extra-curricular sports.

Boys can select from sports including rugby, cricket, hockey, water polo, and tennis. Several community outreach programs exist.

With a spacious library, well-equipped classrooms, a heated swimming pool, and several well-maintained grass sports areas.

For more than 70 years, St David’s Marist Inanda has been a centre of teaching and learning, a school whose strength and tradition allow every kid to realize his full potential, to discover roots and wings.

Each guy is encouraged to thrive in academics, culture, leadership, service, and sports.

The school believes that their boys graduate with the values and skills to contribute meaningfully to their families and society.

15. Sacred Heart College, Observatory

Sacred Heart College, Johannesburg, is one of the most prominent Marist Brothers schools in South Africa. St David’s Inanda Johannesburg, St Henry’s Marist College Durban, and St Joseph’s Marist College Cape Town.

The first all-boys Catholic school in Johannesburg, Sacred Heart College now welcomes females in its creche, pre-primary, primary, and high school levels.

Over 1100 students have graduated from the institution throughout its over 100 years of operation.

Tennis, basketball, swimming, cricket, soccer, netball and athletics are among the sports offered at the institution.

Aside from this, the school also encourages students to participate in cultural activities such as singing and debate. They can achieve this because their facilities are well-built and well-maintained.

16. St Peter’s Girls School

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It is an Anglican Diocesan primary school for girls in students 0 to 7. An IQAA study in 2012 complimented the school for its student satisfaction, safe environment, academic standards, and positive connections between staff, students, and parents.

St Peter’s provides sports including netball, gymnastics, and rock climbing.

The Royal School of Music assesses senior students’ music examinations, and all Grade 2 pupils get to perform the violin and percussion alternately (London).

Assisting students and instructors in academic areas such as speech therapy and neurodevelopment. It also has an apiary that feeds the school store with fresh honey.

St Peter’s is an Anglican school that focuses on academic performance while balancing academic requirements with sport, music, culture, and individual growth.

The ethos is based on mutual respect, politeness, and open communication. St Peter’s Girls School  is one of the best private schools in Johannesburg

17. Holy Rosary School

Holy Rosary School is a Catholic all-girls school founded by the Irish Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary. The school is not behind in the list of the best private schools in Johannesburg

Their school is one of the best in Joburg, developing “girls of today into women of tomorrow.”

They have pre-primary, primary, and secondary school to guarantee their daughters obtain the best education possible.

As a Catholic school, all students must attend religious education classes, retreats, and holy masses. But the institution still accepts students of all faiths and cultures.

While the post of head of religion is reserved for a Catholic student, other leadership positions are available to all students.

Aside from academics and faith, the Holy Rosary School has some of the best athletic facilities in Johannesburg. Swimming, tennis, hockey, netball, rowing, and equestrian are among the sports students enjoy.

18. St Peter’s College

St Peter’s College is part of the Anglican Diocese and is among the best private schools in Johannesburg.

During the weekly assembly, students and staff attend a chapel service, which is also held on holy days and the beginning and final days of each term.

Prefects, instructors, and grade heads create a multi-faceted mentorship network, and each student participates in official tutor group sessions.

A contemporary campus with extensive sports facilities, including an indoor pool. Extracurricular activities include sports like hockey, rugby, and squash.

The school is known for its music, theatre, and water polo teams. St. Peter’s also participates in outreach programs like Habitat for Humanity.

19. St Stithians College

Saint Stithians College is another yet the best private school in Johannesburg. The School provides a boys’ and girls’ schooling synergy model on one campus.

The school boasts of her students having a holistic and sufficient education, based on values that represent their identity as a Methodist School.

20. The Mustard Seed Christian school

The Mustard Seed Christian school is one of the best private schools in Johannesburg South Africa.

Having been in operation for more than fifty years, the centre of learning focuses on guaranteeing that it assists its youngsters both academically and in other aspects.

The institution focuses on shaping youngsters so that they can reach their best potential.

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