Top 10 Best High Schools in Pretoria

It is true that every child has the right to an education. Furthermore, while we all understand this to be eternal and inscribed in the hearts of every parent or soon-to-be parent, we must constantly emphasize the significance of great education, which cannot be overstated.

The high school a child attends has a significant impact on a variety of aspects, including his attitude on life, capacity to deal with difficulties, and ability to relate to people.

Because of the overwhelming number of schools accessible in Pretoria, South Africa, the challenge of selecting where to send your schools to high school is genuine.

If you are a South African seeking for the best high schools in Pretoria, this article is a safe bet. We recognize that high school, like all previous levels of education, is a very delicate moment in any young person’s life.

In this post, we compile a list of the best high schools in Pretoria that give the greatest quality education while also providing contact information.

The schools are chosen based on their success in national examinations as well as their on-site amenities.

Best High Schools In Pretoria

1. Pretoria Secondary School

Pretoria Secondary School, located in the vibrant city of Islington in Pretoria, is a renowned institute that provides quality education for grades 8 through 12.

The school is operated by the government and offers a well-rounded learning environment to its students.

Academic excellence at this institution has been demonstrated through their results at national examinations which have continued to be impressive.

The curriculum of Pretoria Secondary School encompasses both classroom work and extracurricular activities that ensure all pupils are afforded a comprehensive educational experience.

The wealth of knowledge and stimulating classes available also promote individual growth so that every student can reach their full potential during their time here.

Furthermore, current and potential families can take comfort in knowing that Pretoria Secondary School is one of the top secondary institutions in the region – providing an excellent education with consistently good ratings from parents and former students alike.

2. St. Alban’s College

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Located in the beloved suburbs of Lynnwood Glen, Pretoria, St Alban’s College has been offering quality education to students since 1960.

With its long history of success and excellence, it boasts a first-class educational experience for both day and boarding students alike.

The school is known for providing a challenging yet supportive learning environment to foster young minds as they progress from Grade Eight all the way through to Grade Twelve.

Additionally, this prestigious institution is one of only a few schools approved by the Independent Examination Board of South Africa to allow its students to sit exams administered by them starting in 2008.

So if you’re looking for an esteemed high school in Pretoria that will provide your child with an enriching academic journey look no further than St Alban’s College which can be found at 110 Clearwater Road!

3. Pretoria Boys High School

Located in the heart of Brooklyn, Pretoria, Pretoria Boys High School is an esteemed educational institution that prides itself on delivering top-notch academics and excellent facilities.

With a student population of around 1,500 and having near 100 teachers and staff members on board, this school offers a plethora of learning opportunities both inside the classroom as well as outside.

From grades 8 to 12, Pretoria Boys High School provides a comprehensive education program with a proper balance between lecture classes, laboratory setup and multiple sports activities – making it one of the most sought-after schools among students who wish to enhance their knowledge and develop their physical abilities simultaneously.

Over years the school has earned much fame for its stellar academic performance which has led to many other schools looking up to PBHS with admiration.

4. St Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls

St Mary’s Diocesan School for Females, a renowned faith-based educational institution established in 1886, is located on Duxbury Road Hillcrest in Pretoria.

This school has a tradition of excellence and provides an outstanding place for young girls to learn and grow into responsible women.

With comprehensive courses from grade eight to twelve, this elite academic school offers students the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills with moral guidance that encourages each individual’s potential.

Boasting some of the best high school education available in Pretoria, St Mary’s offers its beloved student body a safe environment where they can flourish academically as well as socially.

5. Hatfield Christian School

Hatfield Christian School is situated in the vibrant Waterkloof Glen region of Pretoria at 551 January Masilela Drive.

It has a long-standing history of providing excellent quality education since its doors opened in 1985.

The school focuses on giving students more than just knowledge; it seeks to teach them values and ethics so they can become exemplary members of society.

At present, approximately 1000 children and young adults attend Hatfield Christian School, which offers classes from Grade 000 up to Grade 12.

Its dedicated team of teachers ensure that each student receives the necessary guidance and attention to excel throughout their educational journey here.

6. Sutherland High School

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Nestled in the vibrant suburb of Eldoraigne in Pretoria, Sutherland High School is an esteemed public co-educational institution offering grades eight to twelve.

This progressive establishment is renowned for fostering a comprehensive educational experience that nurtures the intellectual development of its students and elevates them to new heights academically, athletically, culturally and leadership-wise.

The school’s high standards of education and its commitment towards helping students achieve all-encompassing growth have earned them a prestigious reputation as one of Gauteng’s most distinguished institutions.

7. Pretoria Technical High School

Located in the bustling city of Pretoria, Pretoria Technical High School is an innovative preparatory school that offers its students a comprehensive range of technical education and job training.

From Grade Eight to Twelve, this educational institution provides exemplary instruction in the science and technology industries, with particular focus on helping pupils transition into successful positions such as engineers, craftsmen or trainees.

The state-of-the-art facilities located at 649 Park Street offer comprehensive skillsets for both those who are new to the topic as well as experienced individuals who wish to further their knowledge base.

Students will be given unique opportunities for internships and employment prospects when they complete their studies.

8. Pretoria High School for Girls

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A highly esteemed institution devoted to quality education, this girls-only high school offers students the chance to pursue their academic ambitions and reach great heights.

With grades 8 through 12 covered across its comprehensive curriculum, the school has earned a reputation as one of the best high schools in South Africa due to its stringent entrance process.

Excellence is further rewarded with generous grants and scholarships from corporations and non-governmental organizations which recognize the dedication of their learners.

Located at 949 Park Street in Arcadia, this exemplary facility provides an environment conducive to personal growth and academic achievement.

9. Willowridge High School

Willowridge High School is renowned for its multicultural environment and dynamic educational opportunities.

Every year, future leaders are fostered and cultivated through a wide range of courses spanning the arts, humanities, sciences, and social sciences.

The dedicated faculty strives to equip students with the knowledge essential to succeed in national exams while giving them access to an array of extracurricular activities that aid their holistic development.

From grade eight up until graduation in twelfth grade, Willowridge offers a unique learning experience intended to help shape the next generation of innovators and dreamers.

10. The Glen High School

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Founded in the heart of Pretoria’s Waterkloof neighbourhood, The Glen High School is a non-denominational government-owned high school providing stellar education and equipping its pupils with the necessary attributes to become successful.

This remarkable institution has been producing outstanding results by educating over a thousand students dedicated to making their dreams come true.

The school strives to ensure that its teaching methodologies are up-to-date, efficient and supportive so that each individual can reach their fullest potential.

By optimizing learning efficiency and keeping an open mind, the faculty at The Glen High School is creating numerous opportunities for success while focusing on preparing graduates to make significant contributions to society.


The path to success for your child begins with finding the ideal high school.

It is essential to take great care in making this important decision, as there are unfortunately a few subpar schools in and around Pretoria.

While it can be hard to decide on one, fortunately, there are numerous top-notch educational institutions in the city that you can consider.

Ultimately, the best school for your child will depend on their individual needs; whichever school offers all of the resources that they need to reach their goals should be your priority.

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