Top 11 Best Dog Food Brands in South Africa

Are you looking for the best dog food brands in South Africa? Selecting the best food for your dog might be a challenging decision.

To make the process of finding the appropriate food for your dog that also fits your budget much easier, we’ve prepared this post to walk you through the most crucial factors of choosing a dog food.

We’ve also included our picks for the top ten dog food brands in South Africa, as well as information on their nutritional content, advantages, and cost.

There are numerous brands competing against each other, like with most things you buy. Each brand has its own set of advantages, disadvantages, and distinguishing characteristics.

The key to selecting the best one for your dog is to weigh your price against the quality of the food and whether or not the brand caters to your dog’s unique needs.

South African pet owners have a wide selection of quality dog foods to choose from. The best dog food brands include Ken-LA, Acana, Royal Canin, Montego, Nutri Byte, and Hill’s. Each has its own unique recipe featuring mostly natural ingredients and tailored nutrition profiles. 

Things to Consider Choosing Dog Food in South Africa

When looking at a bag of dog food, search for a nutritional guarantee from the manufacturer, and seek a bag with two major primary components, such as ‘ostrich and rice’ or ‘game and rice.’ You want to see the major protein source and the main grain source.
What to look out for:

Proteins: You want to make sure that the main source of nutrients in your dog’s food is animal protein, and that it contains at least 20% protein.

It must be a specific meat, such as chicken, ostrich, or beef. If the bag just says meat protein’ meat meal,’ you’re getting the leftovers from the day’s scrapings.

Grains: Can also be referred to as carbs, however, there must be a specific grain. These are essential elements of a dog’s diet. You should seek rice rather than maize, and preferably one with fewer than 5% GMO grains.

Vegetables: This is an excellent supplement to your dog’s diet. Any vegetable will be beneficial to your dog.

These three key components should be stated first and foremost on the dog food package. They usually mention the components in descending order of proportion.

Things to Avoid When Choosing Dog Food in South Africa

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Meat by-products: Lamb and chicken by-products or meals are a great source of protein for your pet. By-products usually refer to parts of the animal that have been ground up, such as bones, beaks, feathers and organs that are otherwise deemed unfit for human consumption.

But be sure not to give your pet any food with a ‘meat by-product’ on the label. This can imply anything as it is difficult to confirm what type of meat or animal bits may be included in this mix.

To ensure your pet’s safety, always opt for brands that clearly specify which type of animals by-products they use in their pets’ meals.

Sweeteners: Xylitol is a sweetener that has recently received a lot of interest. We doubt you’ll find this in your dog’s food, but if you prefer to give your dog peanut butter or human goodies, be sure it doesn’t include this.

Propylene glycol is a sweetener that has been detected in dog meals; if you find it in yours, switch brands.

BHA and BHT, Propyl gallate, Ethoxyquin, Potassium Bromate, Acesulfame Potassium or Acesulfame-K, Partially Hydrogenated Oils, Brown Sugar / Sugar/ Molasses are examples of artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives.

Other ingredients to avoid include corn gluten meal, wheat flour and wheat gluten meal, crushed yellow corn, sugar glycerin, anything preserved with BHA, soybean meal, artificial flavours, glyceryl monostearate, and any other colours or dyes listed above.

Basically, you shouldn’t anticipate any sweeteners, artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives in your dog’s food.

It’s just not necessary. If your dog doesn’t enjoy the food, try adding something he does, such as raw egg, raw minced meat, or even simply milk.

What Is the Healthiest Dog Food in the South African the Market?

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When we say ‘healthiest,’ we’re referring to the purity and quality of the components.

Check the labels of all the dog food brands that you believe would be a good fit for your dog, and restrict your decision based on the percentages of meat, veggies, grains, corn, preservatives, and so on.

Take notice of the vitamins and minerals that have been included, as well as the serving amounts. Make a list of your favourites and compare their components and advantages.

The components are listed in the description of all the dog food variations accessible on the Pet Hero website, making this a very simple exercise when shopping for dog food.

Special dietary requirements for Dog Food

Not all dogs are made equal, just as not all humans are. Some breeds are more prone to skin, joint, and digestive issues, while others are sensitive to specific grains or proteins.

It is critical that you become acquainted with your dog’s unique nutritional requirements and then satisfy them with the appropriate dog food.

Fortunately for your best friend, most high-quality dog food brands have developed customized diets for dogs with specific nutritional requirements.

Hill’s, Eukanuba, Royal Canin, Ultra Dog, Acana, and Vet’s Choice all provide dietary options that address more than simply the many phases of your dog’s life.

So, whether your dog has a weight issue, aching joints, sensitive skin, or a sensitive tummy, there are some wonderful options available. If you need to shop around, ask your veterinarian for samples.

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10 Best Dog Food Brands in South Africa

1. Montego

Since 2000, the South African family-run business Montego has become one of the most trusted names in providing safe and nutritious dog food.

All of their products are subject to strict manufacturing standards, certified by both the Pet Food Industry Association of South Africa (PFI) and FSSC 22000 accreditation, meaning that you can trust them to provide only top-grade quality for your furry friends.

Montego caters to all types of dogs with a wide variety of brands specialising in different nutritional needs; from Classic to Karoo, Field + Forest and Monty & Me – each catering to specific ages or breeds.

Despite this broad range of options, they remain one of the most cost-effective high-quality dog food producers on the market today.

2. Royal Canin

Dr. Jean Cathary founded Royal Canin in 1968 in France with a vision to create a pet food that was tailored to the specific nutritional needs of each breed and animal it was designed for.

Pet owners have consistently reported positive results from feeding their pets Royal Canin, often seeing improvements in their pets’ overall health and helping to combat certain breed-specific health concerns.

Royal Canin is accredited by several organizations, including ISO 9001:2015 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment), ISO 50001 (Energy), OHSAS 18001 (Health & Safety) and FSSC 22000 (Food Safety).

They provide a wide array of dog meals adapted to various breeds, ages, and medical issues.

The cost of Royal Canin food can vary but generally tends to be more expensive than other quality brands on the market.

Unfortunately, the quality may not always match its price tag making it a less ideal option in comparison with other competitors.

3. Purina

The Association of American Feed Control Officials has a set of stringent regulations which all American pet food companies must meet.

This particular company is known for their extremely high protein-to-grain ratio and low ash levels, making them one of the most expensive options on the market.

The protein and moisture content in the meal is higher than necessary, meaning your furry friend won’t be getting much for its buck.

If money isn’t an issue then this pet food certainly offers a great quality product, but if you’re looking to save it might be worth considering other options first.

4. Vets Choice

Vets Choice is a top-tier dog food developed by Royal Canin and crafted under the supervision of South African veterinarians.

They use only premium ingredients, though they are not transparent about their specific sources.

The product line is modest but covers the full span of your pet’s life, from puppy to senior.

Vets Choice occupies a desirable middle position in terms of its cost – significantly less than pricier brands like Royal Canin or Hills yet still delivering on quality nutrition for your pooch.

Is Vet’s Choice right for you?

It offers an unbeatable combination of superior digestion, essential Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, as well as great value for your wallet.

5. Ken-L

Ken-L, a division of the renowned Martin and Martin Group, provides pet owners with high-quality yet affordable food for their four-legged companions.

This nutritious dry food is designed to meet all your dog’s dietary needs and comes in varying sizes from 8kg to 40kg.

The meal options come in both chicken and beef flavours and there is also a special puppy formula available for younger dogs.

Ken-L’s products are perfect for those who don’t want to sacrifice quality but cannot afford more premium prices; ensuring that all can provide their pets with healthy meals while staying within their budgets.

6. Hill’s

In 1939, Edgar Alexander Hill, a blind man and dog owner, sought veterinary advice for his sick guide dog and discovered that nutrition could be the solution.

Since then, Hills has devoted itself to developing world-leading pet food specifically tailored to address individual pet health needs.

Working with experts including more than 220 veterinarians, nutritionists, technicians and scientists; their meals are trusted by vets across the globe due to the immense care taken in designing solutions for various ailments found among pets.

The quality standards of their products even mirror those upheld by human food manufacturers.

Hills also stands out from other premium brands such as Royal Canin thanks to its range of products which come at varying cost levels; all still expensive but worth every penny according to most existing customers who feed their much-loved companions with this beloved brand’s recipes.

7. Bobtail

For over 30 years, BOBTAIL® has been a trusted source of healthy food, meal enhancers and treats for South African-born dogs.

The brand’s unique VITARITE® recipe has 23 essential vitamins and minerals that provide canines with the nutrients needed to stay robust and proud.

Their selection of dry foods is carefully crafted using vegetable derivatives, animal proteins, and grains as well as other nutrient-packed ingredients.

To give your dog some variety in their meals, Bobtail also offers meal enhancers such as gravy powder or sachets of chunks in gravy to easily sprinkle on top of their dry food.

With this specially tailored nutrition combined with tasty treats, you can feed your furry family member all they need to stay happy, strong and healthy!

8. Acana

Acana has created nutritious meals for domestic dogs that closely resemble the natural diet of their ancestor, the grey wolf.

Each formula is specifically tailored to meet an individual pet’s nutritional needs and to adhere to five essential “Nature Rules.”

These rules stress the importance of high protein content, a wide variety of meats including whole-prey ratios, and a limitation of glycemic carbs.

Acana believes that providing your pet with food based on its evolutionary diet is key to ensuring they are receiving the optimal amount of nutrients necessary for proper health.

9. Pedigree

Pedigree provides your furry companion with a natural and healthy nutritional experience. Their dry food is made without any artificial flavours, colours, or sweeteners. The formula consists of hearty fibres to help aid digestion, as well as pellets designed to create abrasion while chewing which helps keep teeth clean.

They offer multiple sizes for Puppies (1-12 months), Small Breed Adults (+12 months), Medium Breed Adults (+12 months) and Large Breed Adults (18-month-olds). Each size is also available in both chicken and beef flavours.

Additionally, Seniority Plus 6 Years (for all breed sizes) comes exclusively in chicken flavour. The products range from 3.5kg to 75kg packages.

By feeding your canine Pedigree dry goods you can have the peace of mind that their diet is full of natural ingredients designed to keep them healthy and happy irrespective of breed or age!

10. Eukanuba

In 1969, Eukanuba began offering dog owners top-tier food for their furry friends.

From the beginning, their line of pet-focused products has focused on promoting health and growth in dogs of all sizes.

Today, their main product line “PAWS” is one that stands out from the pack.

It includes specially designed formulas for pups (such as Small Breed, Medium Breed, Large Breed, Lamb & Rice), adult dogs (Small Breed, Medium Breed – Lamb & Rice and Large Breed – Lamb & Rice) Weight Management (for Small, Medium and Large Breeds), Seniors (Small, Medium and Large Breeds) as well as Daily Maintenance items such as Sensitive Skin or Sensitive Joints options to suit every animal’s needs.

As if that weren’t enough already Eukanuba also caters to active pets with a Working Performance Dog Food featuring ingredients specifically tailored to meet endurance needs.

They truly have something that is difficult to surpass!

11. Nutri Byte

Nurtibyte is a premium tailored dog food brand created in South Africa with the goal of providing your canine companion with the highest quality meals.

To ensure safety and nutrition, each component of the designated diets is tested and certified before being included in their carefully crafted recipes.

With an impressive array of proteins imported from around the world, as well as nutrient-rich rice incorporated into every meal, there is truly something for every pup out there.

The selection includes Small to Medium Breed Puppy meals, Large Breed Puppy dinners, Adult Maintenance formulas, Small Bite Adult cuisine, Senior Dog Food choices plus even specialized formulas for Endurance athletes or pregnant mothers.

For those looking for extra treats, Nutribyte also offers delicious options made from only natural ingredients which make them both healthy and tasty – perfect for any furry friend that deserves just a little bit more!


Gone are the days of having to take a long journey to the store, face traffic and endure long waiting for lines just to buy something we ran out of; now with online purchasing, it’s possible to get what we need right from the comfort of our own home!

That makes purchasing pet food even more convenient.

To make sure you’re getting your furry friend the best nutrition available, here’s a guide that will help you when making your next dog food purchase – whether it’s for a new puppy or an adjustment in diet.

For those looking for alternative ways to support their pup’s health and well-being, CBD oils have become a popular option lately as they can be beneficial for aiding with anxiety, pain, and other issues.

But keep in mind that these are not suitable for all dogs so if you have doubts or concur specialized needs check with your veterinarian first who will be able to recommend an appropriate product that fits your pup’s dietary requirements while keeping their body healthy.

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