The 10 Best Deep Fryers in South Africa

Are you on the hunt for the perfect deep fryer, but overwhelmed by the endless choices? Let me be your guide! Living in South Africa, we all love a good fry-up—whether it’s vetkoek, chips, or even samoosas.

But let’s be honest, not all deep fryers are created equal. Some make your food crisp and delicious, while others leave you with a soggy, oily mess.

I’ve spent countless hours in my kitchen, trying out various models to give you the most reliable recommendations. From compact fryers for small kitchens to larger models that can handle a feast, I’ve got you covered.

No need to waste your time sifting through online reviews or getting lost in appliance stores. I’ll also consider the unique features that are most important for South African homes, like energy efficiency and durability.

Stick around and you’ll discover the top deep fryers available in South Africa, tailored to suit your needs and budget. By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly which deep fryer deserves a spot in your kitchen.

Best Deep Fryers in South Africa

1. De’Longhi Rotofry Electric Deep Fryer

I recently got my hands on the F28311 Fryer and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer in the world of deep frying.

What caught my eye initially was its 1800W power output, which made quick work of cooking 1 kg of food.

The fryer’s oil chamber holds up to 1.2L, and the real kicker is its design that cuts your oil usage in half.

That’s right, it dips food in and out of the hot oil, giving you a crunchy exterior without drowning it in grease. Draining the oil is a breeze—no tipping or heavy lifting needed.

I love that it stays cool to the touch on the outside, so no safety concerns there. My only gripe is the absence of a timer or digital controls, which means you have to watch it more closely.

But the adjustable heat settings make up for it, offering precise temperature control for a range of dishes.

2. LMA 6L Chips Fryer with Single Tank

Built from sturdy industrial stainless steel, it’s both long-lasting and simple to clean. Despite its generous 6-litre capacity, the fryer is compact, measuring just 27.5cm x 43cm x 29cm, so it fits comfortably even in tight spaces.

What I absolutely love is its immersion heating elements. They work wonders for uniform frying, making every batch consistent. With a hefty 2500W output, I can whip up scrumptious meals in no time.

On the flip side, its energy usage is a bit on the higher side, and the limited warranty could be a deal-breaker for some. But if you ask me, the pros heavily outweigh the cons here.

3. Royal Homeware 12L Electrical Deep Fryer

I’ve been using the Royal Homeware 12L Electrical Deep Fryer, and it’s a multitasker’s dream come true.

With dual 6L baskets, I can fry two different dishes at different temperatures, all thanks to adjustable thermostats.

The machine has a straightforward interface that’s super easy to use, and its sleek yet functional design is a feast for the eyes.

It comfortably fits in my small kitchen, with dimensions of 60cm x 47cm x 31cm.

Safety? Check! Each basket comes with an overheating protection feature. The six-month warranty and safety guidelines are the cherries on top.

If there’s one thing I wish it had, it’s more high-tech features like cordless operation or digital programming to save energy and add convenience.

But for its price, it’s a versatile workhorse that gets the job done.

4. Salton 3L Deep Fryer

Salton 3L deep fryer is the go-to gadget for frying up local favorites like Vetkoek and Koeksisters.

With a 2000-watt power supply and adjustable thermostat, this fryer ensures you get the perfect crunch every time.

The cool-touch handles are a nice touch, keeping safety in mind. I’m also impressed by its size, measuring 43 cm x 24 cm x 24 cm, which makes cooking for larger groups a breeze.

Cleanup? A cinch! The frying basket is dishwasher-friendly. A built-in viewing window lets me keep tabs on my food, minimizing the chances of burns.

The only hiccup is the limited 1-year warranty, so make sure you go through the fine print before buying.

5. Ecco 3L Deep Fryer

Ecco 3L Deep Fryer is a real gem, especially if you’re cooking for a smaller crowd.

It has a food capacity of 1 kg and holds 3L of oil, which is perfect for everything from chicken strips to homemade vetkoek and samosas.

What I love is how quickly it heats up, not to mention the built-in safety features like overheating protection and an indicator light.

Cleaning is a walk in the park, as the fryer comes apart easily for hassle-free maintenance.

It’s compact, with dimensions of 26cm x 23cm x 44cm, so it won’t hog your countertop. The only minor issues are its higher energy consumption and a one-year warranty.

But given its affordable price, these are things I can easily overlook.

6. Aloma 12L Double Gas Deep Fryer

Aloma two-basket gas deep fryer is a perfect lifesaver for bustling commercial spaces or big families.

With dual gas burners and a sturdy stainless steel build, this fryer fries up your food in no time.

It’s pretty spacious, measuring 57cm x 50cm x 46cm, and can hold up to 12L of oil, split evenly between its two baskets.

What I find appealing is its energy efficiency—running on gas definitely saves on the electric bill.

On the downside, the 6-month warranty might make some folks hesitant.

Yet, the unit earns high marks for its user-friendly setup and low-maintenance design, making it perfect for both commercial and home kitchens.

7. Ideal 5L Stainless Steel Electric Fryer

This is a game-changer for both home chefs and small business operators like me.

This kitchen wonder comes with a spacious 5L oil reservoir, making it versatile enough to handle various cooking tasks.

The best part? It fits snugly on any kitchen counter thanks to its compact design. A 2500W power rating guarantees efficient cooking.

And if you’re worried about its reliability, it comes backed by a 6-month warranty to give you peace of mind.

However, it’s not all sunshine and roses; it doesn’t offer any digital controls, and some users have pointed out that the lid tends to misbehave.

But given its affordable price and rave reviews, I find it to be a solid pick for anyone who needs to deep-fry foods efficiently.

8. Ideal 10L Stainless-Steel 2 Tank Electric Deep Fryer

I got my hands on this electric deep fryer that’s built from stainless steel, perfect for big families or even small restaurants.

The 10L food basket lets me whip up lots of tasty bites in no time.

I find it super easy to clean because of the steel structure, which also makes it sturdy for heavy-duty use.

What gets me going is the 2500W heater under the lid, as it heats up the oil really fast.

It’s got these indicator lights that light up to tell me when the oil is hot and ready.

The 12L oil reservoir means I don’t have to keep topping off the oil if I’m cooking a lot.

But keep in mind, it only comes with a 6-month warranty, and the steel might show some wear and tear after heavy use.

9. Russell Hobbs 3L Deep Fryer

What caught my eye first was its stylish stainless-steel body. It’s not just eye candy; this machine delivers some amazing fried food too.

The digital timer makes life easier; with one touch you can effortlessly fry vegetables, chicken, fish—you name it.

Even better? My electricity bill hasn’t gone through the roof. This deep fryer uses energy more efficiently compared to many other models out there.

For the tech-savvy, it measures 39cm x 26.5cm x 25.6cm, comes with a 1-year warranty, and can hold up to 3L of oil. It’s not cordless, but that’s not a deal-breaker for me.

The only hiccup? If you have limited counter space, finding a permanent home for it might be a challenge. But honestly, it cooks so well, that I don’t mind making room for it.

10. Royal 3L Stainless Steel Deep Fryer

Its stylish appearance easily blends in with other kitchen gadgets, while the adjustable thermostat light tells me exactly when it’s good to go.

The fryer boasts a rapid heat-up time, thanks to its 2000W power output, and the 3-liter capacity means I can fry large quantities of food at once.

Cleaning is a breeze too; I can take it apart quickly to scrub every nook and cranny. Though it could use a few more safety features, customer feedback suggests it performs admirably in general use.

The fryer even comes with a 6-month warranty, making me feel more secure about my purchase. Considering its affordability, I can honestly say this fryer brings serious value to my kitchen.

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