Top 10 Best Brake Pads Brands in South Africa

Are looking for the best brake pads brands in South Africa? We have made a detailed list of the best brake pad brands available in South Africa. It is no secret that brakes are critical in keeping a vehicle travelling safely down the road.

Braking is an important task since it is often the only force that controls a car’s speed and movement. If you are planning on owning a car, you should have to think about replacing the brake pads before they get worn out.

No one wants to be stranded on the side of the road with completely destroyed brakes so you need to think of getting them replaced in time.

Best Brake Pads Brands in South Africa

Today, many South African motorists are opting for more premium vehicles, which means they often want to put a premium set of brakes on their cars.

Your car is an investment, so you know you need to replace your brake pads… but people everywhere are asking which brand is best?

We are going to take a look at some of the brands of brake pads in South Africa that can help you make the right decision when it comes to replacing your Brake pads.

1. Allied Nippon Brake Pads

Allied Nippon manufactures and distributes quality brake pads for domestic and imported light vehicles, as well as heavy-duty commercial trucks.

They have high-performance brake pads are designed to fit original equipment specifications while providing the ultimate in braking power and feel.

We also offer a full line of aftermarket replacement brake pads, offering affordable solutions for all your replacement needs.

Nippon’s premium brake pads are made from high-quality EBC materials. They are resistant to dust and heat, have a low coefficient of friction and provide a quieter, smooth brake pedal feel.

The new frictional material has been designed to achieve a higher wear rate than the leading competitors which results in fewer brake pad replacements and lower replacement costs for you.

2. Girlock Brakes South Africa

Girlock Brakes South Africa is one of the best Brake pads Manufacturers and supply braking systems for all vehicles in South Africa.

The company is based at 82 Electron Ave, Isando, Kempton Park, 1609, South Africa and has been providing the best Brake Systems for many years now.

Girlock Brakes South Africa is a reputable company with an excellent reputation for delivering high-quality products at reasonable prices. This company is committed to providing the best possible service to each and every one of its customers.

Girlock Brakes South Africa supplies disc brakes, drum brakes, hydraulic brakes, replacement kits and brake callipers.

Their products are made to the highest standard and at reasonable prices.

3. Ate Brake Pads

Ate pad is one of the most popular and highly rated brake pads available. They are perfect for all kinds of driving conditions, from light-duty to heavy-duty work.

These pads are made from premium materials and are designed for long-lasting durability. These pads provide superior performance for your car or truck regardless of what kind of driving you will be doing.

Ate Brake Pads is a leading supplier of high-quality brake pads and car parts in South Africa. They have a range of products including brake pads for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and light trucks.

We also stock a wide selection of other car parts such as shock absorbers, engine mounts, chassis and steering components.

4. Alfa Brake Pads

Alfa Brake Pads, a famous car brake pads manufacturer in South Africa, is always focused on seeking the most advanced technology in all its products.

They have many years of experience in manufacturing and exporting brake pads for cars.

All their products are sold with a 1-year warranty and professional after-sale service. You will enjoy it!

The best thing about Alfa brake pads is that they do not make noise while you are driving and do not wear out quickly.

Alfa Brake Pads have a higher breaking capacity and can provide better stopping power than most brake pad brands in South Africa.

The stopping distance is reduced and the time for braking is cut short, making it one of the safest brands to use.

Their unique material ensures that Alfa Brake Pads have excellent durability and can last for a long time.

The materials used in their production are highly resistant to heat, dust, oil and all types of weather conditions so you can be sure that they will continue to work under all circumstances.

5. KBC Brake and Clitch

KBC Brake and Clitch is one of the best brake pad brands on the market that make high-quality brake pads for all kinds of vehicles in South Africa.

They make brake pads that are compatible with your car and are designed to last a long time.

KBC Brake Pads are good quality budget brake pads, but there is a lot of choice in the market. KBC Brake Pads are above-average budget pads.

They give you a solid performance for the price and it’s hard to find anything fault with them.

However, they’re not the best out there and they do need replacing every few years if you drive your car all year round in all weather conditions.

If you’re looking to save money on replacement pads or if you’re on a tight budget and are only going to be using them occasionally, then these will do the job nicely without breaking the bank and keeping your wallet safe!

6. EBC Brake

EBC Brake pads are one of the best and most popular brake pad brands in South Africa.

They have a wide range of models, each designed to fit different types of cars and cars with different needs.

For the ultimate braking performance, EBC Brake Pads are top of the range.

They come with full instructions and warranty and are available for cars, motorbikes and bicycles. What’s more, they’re easy to fit yourself.

Dedicated to top-quality brake products, EBC has been producing Brake pads for over two decades.

And with a huge range of pads to choose from, EBC has a pad for every occasion.

EBC Brake Pads are developed for the performance driver by combining optimum braking technology with market-leading design.

EBC Brake Pads are manufactured in the UK and conform to European safety standards.

7. Ferodo Brake Pads

Ferodo is one of the leading manufacturers of brake friction materials, brake systems and components Available in South Africa.

Ferodo has been manufacturing high-quality brake pads for over 70 years, providing millions of motorists with reliable performance and safety.

The range includes high-performance, premium-performance, extreme and ceramic ranges. They cater to the needs of the everyday driver through to the ultimate enthusiasts.

Ferodo is committed to providing discerning drivers with a choice of product that delivers both performance and quality at all levels.

Their brake pad products are designed to ensure safety and peace of mind under even the most extreme driving conditions.

Treat yourself to a set of Ferodo Brake Pads today!

8. Frontechchina Barke Pads

Frontechchina is the leading choice for brake pads in South Africa. With a wide range of braking products, Frontechchina has a braking solution for almost every type of vehicle and driving style, whether you are looking for quiet, responsive or race-inspired performance.

Tested to be one of the best brake pads brand in South Africa and the fastest-braking street pad, Frontechchina Performance Brake Pads are all about stopping power.

They have a unique three-layer braking compound that gives them superior stopping power and heat dissipation, as well as a special noise-dampening layer that eliminates squeal.

Frontechchina Brake Pads last up to 30% longer than competitive products, too. They’re so durable that they carry a lifetime warranty against cracking or fading.

And they’re fully compatible with OE brake components – no modification is required for installation.

9. Optima Brake Pads

Optima Brake Pads are a very popular brand of aftermarket brake pads for your car in South Africa.

These pads are designed to last longer than your standard OEM brake pads, and they offer better-stopping power than most other aftermarket brands.

Optima specializes in premium aftermarket braking systems for passenger vehicles, light trucks and heavy-duty trucks.

The company offers a wide range of replacement brake pads for applications from luxury sedans to pickup trucks.

All Optima brake pads are made from the highest quality materials and are engineered to meet every driver’s needs.

The company’s selection of brake pads includes both standard and high-performance models that are designed to provide optimum performance and reliability under any driving conditions.

Optima’s selection of standard brake pads is designed for everyday driving conditions and is ideal for normal wear and tear.

The company’s high-performance brake pads, on the other hand, deliver a smooth and quiet braking experience that is ideal for daily commuters and sport utility vehicles (SUVs).

10. Brembo Brake Pads

Quality is the first and most important thing to consider when buying new brake pads.

Whether you’re replacing your OEMs or upgrading to a performance pad, you don’t want to purchase an inferior product that will fail prematurely.

After all, brakes are safety components, and you need them to work. Tested for braking performance in the lab and on the road, Brembo offers quality like no other.

They offer a wide range of high-tech products including ceramic pads, drilled rotors and slotted rotors that meet even the highest demands of motorsports and performance driving enthusiasts.

Last word

Quality isn’t everything when it comes to selecting brake pads. You also need to keep in mind that not all pads are made equal.

Some perform better in certain climate conditions, while others are more than capable of handling extreme temperatures without having their stopping power reduced due to excessive heat build-up.

When you’re shopping for brake pads, take a close look at what the pad is made from and how it was designed for your specific vehicle application.

The last thing you want is for your replacement or upgrade pads to cause problems ranging from poor braking performance to diminished stopping power caused by excessive heat generation or warping of rotors.

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