The 10 Best Air Fryers in South Africa

Looking for a healthier way to cook your favourite fried foods? You’re in the right place! Our comprehensive guide on the best air fryers in South Africa is the result of extensive research and testing.

We’ve poured over customer reviews, consulted with culinary experts, and even tested some of the top models to bring you a definitive list.

Air fryers offer a game-changing cooking experience, allowing you to fry, bake, and grill without the need for excessive oil. This means you can enjoy delicious meals while keeping an eye on your health.

Our guide aims to serve a wide range of readers, from busy parents looking for a quick way to prepare meals, to health-conscious individuals eager to make a lifestyle change.

So, whether you’re new to the world of air fryers or looking to upgrade your existing model, stick around. Our detailed review will equip you with the insights you need to make an informed decision.

From affordability to performance, we’ve got it all covered. Prepare to revolutionize your kitchen experience!

What Are The Best Air Fryers in South Africa?

1. Instant Vortex Plus 6-in-1 Air-fryer

In my busy kitchen, the Instant Vortex Plus 6-in-1 Air Fryer is an absolute game-changer. Imagine a single device that can air fry, bake, roast, broil, reheat, and even dehydrate—what’s not to love?

The secret lies in its use of forced hot air, allowing me to cook lip-smacking meals with up to 70% less oil than I would need for regular deep frying.

It boasts a spacious basket, so I can easily prepare enough food to satisfy my whole family, young and old alike.

The digital controls and preset options simplify meal prep, while the easy-to-clean design saves me time afterwards. This eye-catching stainless steel appliance is not just stylish but also highly functional, thanks to its 1500-watt power.

Measuring 12.36″ D x 14.92″ W x 12.83″ H and weighing in at 15.37 lbs, it’s a heavyweight in performance but not in size. Trust me, this air fryer meets the high standards of even the most discerning chefs, delivering a blend of convenience, speed, and ease that’s hard to beat.

2. Kenwood 11L kHealthy Air-fryer Oven

When it comes to whipping up scrumptious dishes, I can’t say enough about my Kenwood 11L kHealthy Air-fryer Oven. The 11-litre capacity is more than sufficient for treating my family and friends to a delightful feast.

What I truly appreciate are the digital display and user-friendly controls that simplify the entire cooking process. There’s even a variety of preset options like air frying, baking, and roasting, which have transformed my meal preparations into a hassle-free experience.

And let’s talk about clean-up—it’s a cinch with this machine’s dishwasher-safe components. Alongside all these features, I also received a grill set, a drip pan, a basket, and a roaster spit.

It even comes with a one-year warranty for added peace of mind. Available in chic black or gold, this air-fryer oven has become an irreplaceable asset in my kitchen.

3. Instant Pot Vortex Plus ClearCook

In my kitchen, the Instant Pot Vortex Plus ClearCook has become an indispensable partner for crafting speedy and scrumptious dishes.

This 8-in-1 wonder offers a transparent, rotating cooking pot with dimensions of 17.8″D x 17.87″W x 15.4″H, ensuring that hot air circulates uniformly for that golden, crispy finish we all love.

Its intuitive, one-touch programmable features make it a breeze to customize temperature and timing, allowing me to easily switch between roasting, broiling, baking, reheating, and even dehydrating.

Boasting 1700 watts of power at 120 volts, this machine doesn’t skimp on performance. When it comes to cleaning up, the nonstick coating is a lifesaver, and the fact that it’s dishwasher-safe is the cherry on top. Trust me, this air fryer takes convenience and efficiency to a whole new level.

4. COSORI Pro Air-fryer

The Cosori Pro Air Fryer has rapidly become my go-to for healthier fried dishes, all without burning a hole in my pocket.

Priced at just $119.99, it’s a steal, especially considering it’s $80 cheaper than most air fryers on the 2023 Best Air Fryers list.

The device is a cinch to operate, featuring a touchscreen that tilts for easy viewing and 12 one-touch custom functions alongside 10 adjustable presets.

The accompanying cookbook is a treasure trove of culinary inspiration, loaded with hundreds of mouth-watering recipes.

Even the cleanup is straightforward. Packing 1700 watts of power and a 5.5-litre capacity, it guarantees flawless cooking every time.

Its sleek black design effortlessly elevates my kitchen decor, and the one-year warranty adds that extra layer of trust. Trust me, for compact kitchens requiring high performance, this fryer is a gem.

5. DNA Smart Air-fryer

If you’re aiming to whip up healthier yet flavorful meals, look no further than my trusted ally, the DNA Smart Air-Fryer.

This kitchen marvel offers a digital control panel that allows temperature adjustments up to 400°F, putting me in full control of crafting restaurant-worthy dishes in mere minutes.

The best part? Its oilless system employs hot air to cook everything to perfection, sans the unnecessary fats.

Cleanup is a breeze, and with 1700W of power encapsulated in a sturdy stainless steel frame, this air fryer is built to last. The unit comes with a plethora of accessories, including but not limited to a drip tray, a rotisserie fork, and various racks and pans.

A two-year warranty backs it for peace of mind. With its generous 14.5L capacity, I can easily serve scrumptious, guilt-free meals to loved ones.

6. Philips Essential Air-fryer

My Philips Essential Airfryer is a true kitchen gem, especially for those of us focused on healthier eating.

Don’t let its modest 2.5-star rating with just two reviews fool you; this compact device is a multitasker.

Aside from frying, it’s proficient at grilling, baking, roasting, and even reheating meals.

Rapid air technology enables it to cook using significantly less fat—up to 75% less, in fact. And with a 4.1L or 1.8lb capacity, it’s just the right size for small to medium families.

While some users initially noted an odd smell, it usually dissipates after a few weeks. It runs on 1400 watts of electricity and comes with a two-year limited warranty.

The package contains just the Essential Airfryer, but various accessories can be bought separately.

Measuring 33.8 x 33.8 x 35.5 cm and decked out in classic black, it effortlessly complements any kitchen decor.

7. Instant Vortex Plus Dual Basket Air-fryer

In my kitchen, the Instant Vortex Plus Dual Basket Air-fryer has been a game-changer. This all-in-one dynamo lets me fry, bake, roast, broil, reheat, and even dehydrate foods.

What’s more, its clear viewing window and internal light make it easy to keep tabs on my culinary creations without lifting the lid. It’s a sleek piece, fashioned from stainless steel and measuring 17.8″D x 17.87″ W x 15.4″H.

Despite its 8-quart capacity and ability to handle up to 16.68 pounds of food, it’s surprisingly compact and energy-efficient.

Clocking in at 1700 watts, this unit is both powerful and reliable.

The touch control panel is incredibly intuitive, and the nonstick interior along with dishwasher-safe parts make clean-up a breeze.

8. Philips Air-fryer XXL

The Philips Airfryer XXL has genuinely upped my home cooking game with its innovative fat removal tech, which pulls and captures more fat than rival models.

Trust me, you can relish fried dishes with nearly 90% less fat without sacrificing that crave-worthy crunch. Designed with families in mind, this appliance can handle a whopping 3 lbs or 7 quarts, letting you cook for up to six people in one go.

And it’s not just a one-trick pony; you can also grill, bake, roast, reheat, dehydrate, and even toast. Crafted from robust plastic in a sleek black finish, this unit is both durable and dishwasher-friendly.

Plus, its nonstick coating solves the age-old sticking problems when reheating food. With a staggering 2225 watts and a peak temperature of 100°F, every meal turns out impeccable.

9. Instant Pot Duo Crisp

For someone like me who’s always juggling a busy schedule but loves cooking, the Instant Pot Duo Crisp + Air Fryer is nothing short of miraculous.

I adore the genius of its dual lids—one for air frying and another for pressure cooking—which empowers me to whip up a diverse menu from fries to stews.

It’s like an 11-in-1 culinary wizard, equipped with 15 smart programs for everything from sautéing to dehydrating.

I never worry about its longevity, thanks to its sturdy stainless steel build and a one-year limited warranty. With 1500W of power and an 8L capacity, every meal turns out consistently delicious.

But what seals the deal for me are the thoughtful extras: a multi-level air fryer basket, a tray for broiling, grilling, and dehydrating, plus a multi-purpose rack, a protective pad, a storage cover, and even a comprehensive getting-started guide.

10. Milex Dual Air-fryer

When it comes to whipping up healthier versions of my fried favourites, the Milex Dual Air Fryer is my go-to gadget.

What I love about it is how it ditches the need for oil and still churns out mouth-watering, crispy delights in record time.

It features two 4L baskets that merge into a roomy 8L space, backed by Rapid Hot Air Technology and an 80-200°C temperature span.

The eight preset functions take the guesswork out of my cooking adventures, so I can focus more on savouring the flavours.

Safety for the kiddos? Check. It comes with a Child Lock system right on the handle. The payment options are flexible, and the seven-day money-back guarantee offers peace of mind.

What Is the Best Air Fryer Oven in South Africa?

The five best-selling air fryers in South Africa are the Vortex Plus, Philips Essential, DualChef Pressure Cooker & Air Fryer, DNA Air Fryer Oven, and Russell Hobbs DualChef Pressure Cooker & Air Fryer.

The Instant Pot Vortex Plus has a 5.7L capacity and is ideal for those with limited space. It features a dual-clear cook technology that can reduce odours while cooking.

The Philips Essential is smaller than the Vortex Plus at 4.1L and ideal for smaller families or those cooking for guests.

Meanwhile, the DualChef Pressure Cooker & Air Fryer from Russell Hobbs has a 6L capacity which allows for larger portions but still offers space savings compared to regular kitchen appliances.

Finally, the DNA Air Fryer Oven is the largest of these models with a 14.5L capacity making it great for large meals or multiple dishes being cooked simultaneously.

All of these options offer quick and efficient ways to enjoy crispy food without compromising on flavour or nutrition

Which Company Is Best in Air Fryer?

Phillips Airfryer is widely regarded as the best air fryer on the market. This product combines powerful hot air technology with a small amount of oil, offering customers an efficient and healthier way to cook their favourite foods.

Philips Airfryer cooks food quickly and evenly without sacrificing flavour. Furthermore, it includes features such as temperature control, timer settings and a removable basket for easy cleanup.

What Is the Best Size Air Fryer to Buy in South Africa?

The best size air fryer to purchase in South Africa is determined by the capacity and space available.

Popular sizes include 3.2L, 4.2L, 5.5L, and 6L models that can range from small to extra-large depending on your needs and lifestyle.

A larger capacity model will enable you to cook more food at once for a family or large gathering but may also take up additional counter space; whereas a smaller model may be great for single-person households where space is limited.

What Size Airfryer Do I Need for a Family of 4?

A family of four will need an air fryer that is large enough to fit four or more servings of food.

Look for a model with at least a 2.7-quart capacity, which can hold two to three servings and is the minimum size recommended.

For larger gatherings and bigger families, consider buying a larger air fryer that has a 3.2-quart or higher capacity to ensure everyone gets their share of fried goodies!

Can You Cook 2 Things at Once in an Air Fryer?

Yes! Air fryers are capable of cooking two things at once. Just make sure your ingredients don’t overlap too much, as this could prevent even heating and lead to unevenly cooked meals.

Adjust the settings appropriately for the food items you’re preparing, with denser ingredients that take longer to cook placed on the bottom rack, and lighter foods placed higher up in order to get optimal results.

Do Air Fryers Use a Lot of Electricity?

Air fryers use less electricity than traditional deep-fryers to cook food, however, they still require a significant amount of energy.

An average air fryer uses between 1,200 and 2,400 watts of power when in use.

This means that the typical air fryer consumes one to two-kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity in an hour of operation.

Can You Put Raw Chicken in an Air Fryer?

Yes, you can put raw chicken in an air fryer. Simply place the chicken pieces into the air fryer basket and set the temperature and timer according to your recipe instructions.

The hot air will rapidly cook the outside of the chicken while keeping it juicy on the inside. You’ll also be able to enjoy crispy skin without deep-frying!

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