The 10 Best Acting Agencies In Johannesburg

Searching for the perfect acting agency in Johannesburg? You are in luck! The bustling city is a thriving hub for talent, offering a diverse range of acting agencies that cater to various niches, from commercials and theatre to film and TV.

But with so many options, how do you choose the one that’s right for you? If you’re an aspiring actor, a seasoned performer, or even someone considering a career switch into the entertainment industry, this blog post is for you.

With an extensive background in the world of acting agencies, we’ve sorted through the myriad of options to bring you a curated list of the very best.

Don’t let uncertainty hold you back. Whether you’re a novice looking for beginner-friendly agencies or pro scouting for new opportunities, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll guide you through the intricacies of selecting an agency that matches your goals, skill set, and vision. Get ready to make an informed decision that could be a game-changer for your acting career!

Best Acting Agencies In Johannesburg

1. Kingclip Casting, Acting, and Voice Agency

Located at the heart of Rosebank in Johannesburg, Kingclip Casting Agency and Artist Management sprang to life with a vision back in 2003.

Quickly climbing the ladder to become one of the premier talent agencies in South Africa, they’ve helped over 10,000 artists kick-start or escalate their careers.

Casting directors, ad companies, production teams, and event planners often make this vibrant talent hub their first port of call.

From starring in popular TV ads and educational videos to gracing magazine covers and billboards, the talent they nurture can be seen in a variety of media outlets, both local and international, including films and TV dramas.

2. Legends Actors & Performers Management

Situated at 5 Fricker Rd in Sandton, Illovo, Johannesburg, Legends Actors and Performers’ Management stands as one of the leading acting agencies in South Africa, boasting over a decade of experience.

Legends offer a wide array of artists and entertainers, ensuring a seamless experience with their all-encompassing services.

From skilled presenters to eye-catching actors for stage and screen, they have everything you need for a hit production.

The agency represents top-notch artists, celebrities, and personalities who truly make a mark.

Need a voice-over artist with vocal prowess to elevate your product or service? Legends have you covered.

They also specialize in corporate performers, including expert emcees and industrial theatre professionals.

3. Wendy’s Talent Agency

Located at 20 Kruger Street in the Maboneng Precinct of New Doornfontein, Johannesburg, Wendys Talent Agency is on a mission to discover and cultivate top-tier talent in various entertainment sectors.

Their aim is to elevate artists to the status of household names, not just in South Africa but globally.

Striving to dominate their industry, they aspire to become a global go-to for both African and South African talent.

While their representation spans actors, comedians, and voice-over artists in both Cape Town and Johannesburg, they emphasize their belief in those committed to artistic careers.

In their eyes, such individuals enrich the world, making it a better place for all.

4. Shikwas Casting Agency

Located at 108 Fox Street in Johannesburg, Shikwas Casting CC operates as a boutique casting agency collaborating with leading casting directors for various production ventures and cinematic works.

They boast a broad range of talents—both newcomers and seasoned professionals—in categories like acting, modelling, and dance.

From TV and film extras to character actors and child models, they’ve got all your casting needs covered.

Whether it’s for television, commercials, corporate videos, or promotional music videos, their talent pool also includes dancers and background artists, making them a versatile choice for diverse media requirements.

5. Talents Rep Africa

Situated on Bath Ave in Rosebank, Johannesburg, Talents Rep Africa Agency has earned its reputation as one of the most dependable boutique talent agencies and production companies in South Africa.

They work with an expansive range of talent: from infants and toddlers to well-known actors and actresses.

The list also includes children, teens, models, athletes, dancers, and even specialized roles like hand models and twins.

Originally launched in 2005 to offer recruiting services for events, the agency widened its scope in 2010 to place film extras and coordinate their roles, making it a one-stop shop for all things related to casting and production.

6. LJ Talent Casting Agency

Located at 2 Johannesburg Rd in Highlands North, Johannesburg, LJ Talent Casting Business is a versatile talent agency fueled by a desire to go above and beyond, enchant the creative community, and genuinely cater to client needs.

This unique agency, run by young black women, was established in 2016 by Judy Manyali, a seasoned actress and certified model.

She was later joined by Vuyo Depha, a film producer. The talent they provide can be seen in a wide array of media platforms.

From TV commercials and instructional videos to billboards and magazine spreads, they’ve got every angle covered.

Their portfolio extends to local and international films, TV series, and even sports shoots.

7. Morgeez Artists Management

Located at 18 Heelra Rd in Raumaraispark, Johannesburg, this agency handles all facets of commercial media production, from conceptualizing creative ideas to executing the final product.

Their scope of work isn’t limited to video; they also dive into music creation, distribution, and publishing.

With experience in producing marketing videos and music clips, they’ve got commercial video needs covered.

When it comes to talent, they offer a full suite of services including management, casting, booking, and coordinating events and film shoots.

Their clientele isn’t just local; they extend their services across the Sub-Saharan African region to meet the needs of international clients searching for media production facilitators.

8. Star Quality Management

Situated in Unit 203 at The Mills 66 on Carr St in Newtown, Johannesburg, Star Quality Management is an agency committed to finding and grooming new talent.

Founded by local celebrities Zinzi Zungu and Miranda Ntshangase, the agency caters to a range of talents including kids, teens, and adults for various platforms like TV, ads, voiceovers, and theatre.

Understanding the importance of artist development, they’ve launched the SQ actors workshop to train emerging talent.

Guided by the belief that business models should evolve, these two women focus on reimagining artist management.

With personalized care, the agency allows its talents to concentrate on showcasing their true “Star Quality.”

9. Kids on Camera Casting Agency

Nestled at 124 Ivy Rd in Norwood, Johannesburg, Kids on Camera serves as a unique TV casting agency focusing on infants and children. Established in 2000, the agency also offers a deep dive into the film industry’s inner workings.

Beyond mere casting, they train youngsters to be camera-ready pros while boosting their self-confidence—skills they’ll need to secure the commercial roles they’ve been dreaming of.

Here, young presenters evolve into authentic performers and actresses.

Once your child enrols and completes the optional yet highly recommended training course, the agency works diligently to line up auditions for them, be it in TV commercials or print advertising.

10. Young Talent Agency

Located at 2 Johannesburg Rd in Highlands North, Johannesburg, this agency enjoys strong partnerships with top model and casting agencies in Gauteng.

Casting directors, production companies, ad agencies, and event organizers often make their vibrant talent showcase their first stop.

Their talent can be found in various platforms—TV commercials, instructional videos, photography, both local and international films, TV dramas, billboards, magazine features, and even sports photography.

They’re an inclusive agency, open to individuals of every age, size, and experience level. Newcomers are always encouraged to join us.

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