Frequently Asked Questions at Garage Door Installation Johannesburg

Do you providesupport systems for power failures?

Yes we do offer support for when the power is out. We have batteries that will provide you with 2 days of power.

Do you offer repair services ?

Yes we do, if you are having any issues with your garage door we will come and get it fixed and back to running smoothly.

Do you offer custom garage door services?

Yes we do, we offer large garage door designs that can cater for all large business warehouses. Just give us a call today and we will explain all that we can offer you.

Do you offer garage door upgrades?

Yes we do we have all the best garage doors so if yours is old and you need a new one we have you covered.

Do you offer free consultations?

Yes of course we do, just let us know when you are free to come and we will get you sorted.

Call us today for your free consultation